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12 Foods that Fight with Coronavirus



Foods that fight with Corona virus are not rare. You just have to change your everyday food intake habits and selection. Several foods are available that can help you to recover from Corona virus. Corona virus has taken down everything and it has become extremely important to understand its preventive measures.

Even if you not suspected to Corona virus, still you must take this healthy diet to prevent yourself from Corona virus infection.

These foods fight with corona virus and boosts your immunity naturally recover from it:-

Chicken Soup

Chicken Soap in Coronavirus

Chicken soup gives your body additional nutrients that are iron and protein enriched. With herbs and chicken pieces in soup, it becomes a perfect combination to get strong diet. Taking chicken soup with mild hotness can relax your stomach and kills most germs like corona virus automatically.

Throughout 2 weeks of automatic recovery from Coronavirus, you can take this soup. This keeps your body hydrated and energetic.

Vegetable Juices

Vegetable Juices are good in Coronavirus

Fresh vegetable juices with low-sodium and higher anti-oxidants can help you recover from coronavirus. Such juices boost our immunity and energy to fight with coronavirus germs.


Yogurt in Coronavirus

Yogurt helps to soothe your sore throat which you normally feel in coronavirus infection. Yogurt is full of protein which keeps your body healthy. It also helps to boost your immunity.

Orange & Apple Juice

Orange juice while COVID-19 symptoms

A mixture of orange and apple juice with little bit of salt up to your taste can really help you in Coronavirus or similar infections. Orange is full of Vitamin C and Apple boosts your immunity. Both of these fruits in the form of juice or even raw can be taken. You should consider vitamin C fruits list that will help you strengthen your immunity and digestion.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy Green Vegetables

The green vegetables are enriched in iron which helps to produce red blood cells. Having your blood fresh and disease free can strengthen your body to fight germs like Coronavirus.

Honey & Lemon Tea

Honey & Lemon Tea magic in Coronavirus

Without the addition of milk, prepare a mild hot cup of water including 1 spoon of honey and half a spoon of lemon. This honey and lemon tea relaxes you as well as strengthens your digestion. Lemon is a natural killer of many stomach issues while honey has everything in to help your immunity system. This mild hot tea can help you in mild coronavirus infection.

Avoid Cold Water with Food

Avoid Cold Water with Food

Strictly avoid cold or freezer water in Coronavirus infection. Always make use of normal regular drinking mineral water even in normal days. Mineral water wipes out many germs and infections automatically from your body by cleaning your stomach and other organs.

Soft Foods in Corona Virus

Avoid foods that take longer time to digest and hard to eat. Cook seeds rice or rice with yogurt for your children and even elders at home. Avoid spicy foods that damage your stomach. In Corona, it’s all about keeping your immune system healthy to prevent it from becoming a severe infection.

Add Mint to your Food

Adding mints in food effects Coronavirus in a body

Make the best use of mint in your everyday food or meals. Mint boosts digestion and helps your stomach stay cool. It also helps to reduce stomach inflammation. In Coronavirus days at home, you can prepare mint and other natural made sauces at home. Adding them to your every meal would be a great combo.

Avoid Fast Food in Corona

To fight with coronavirus or similar infections, you must avoid fast food. No doubt you find it easy to buy or cook at home but, it’s not good for your health. Make a habit of having natural food enriched with protein, vitamins, gluten-free, and normal temperature mineral water.

Eat Fully Cooked Food in Corona

Eat Fully Cooked Food in Corona

It is critically important to avoid half-cooked food in Coronavirus. Even in normal days, eating half-cooked or raw animals, insects as it usually happens in China and many other countries, and birds can directly harm your health. Germs like coronavirus are mostly found in animals, birds, and many other direct consumption of foods. It’s not just about Corona, its about many other germs as well which leads to several other diseases.

Garlic & Ginger Foods

Garlic & Ginger Foods

Foods with garlic and ginger must be added to everyday meals. Don’t cook them too much or too little. They’re enriched with germ fighting properties that also include germs like Coronavirus.

Do you have other food suggestions? Or you have cooked something great and healthy in #StayHome Corona days? Share with us in comments.

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