10 Best Restaurants in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is known for its beautiful houses, red-light streets, and coffee shops, canals, and flowers. This place is best for those people who are eager to eat and drink because there are so many restaurants. Just like restaurants in Albany, here you will find Greek, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Mexican, and Dutch restaurants.

Before visiting restaurants, you might want to learn about how tipping works.

Below are the best restaurants in Amsterdam 2020 that are loved by its locals:

1) Daalder

Dennis Huwae is a chef and co-owner of the daalder restaurant. Daalder is one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam. It is the best place to dine out with friends or family. It is the place for those people who want to have business meetings with customers. They offer a 3-course lunch menu within an hour if the customer wants. In dinner, they offered to choose a 5 or 7-course menu or a simple daalder menu.

They also offer a gift voucher so that you can purchase it for your friend or a family member on their birthday or any other special event.

2) De Kas

De Kas restaurant and its nursery are located in Frankendael Park and it was established in 2001 by Gert Jan Hageman.

De Kas became the best restaurant in Amsterdam, They focus on vegetables because they use them as important ingredients

Restaurant Di Cass is known for growing its vegetables, herbs, and wildflowers which they use in their food. Each week they serve a new menu of vegetables that are currently grown. You can also make a reservation for lunch or dinner. And if you want to organize an event here, this is the best place.

3) Moeders

Moeders is a Dutch word that means Mother. Meoders is a traditional Dutch restaurant famous for its Dutch rice dish for almost 30 years, and it was established in 1990. Restaurant Moeders is located in the Rozengracht 251, in Amsterdam, NY.

The most beautiful thing about this restaurant is that there is a wall with pictures of mothers on it. There is a special gift for those mothers or wives who celebrate their birthday or mother’s day here. In the coming weeks, they are still cooking traditional food for you to take away and delivery is also possible.

4) Bhatti pasal

Bhatti Pasal is one of the best Nepalese food restaurants in Amsterdam. Tika pun, the owner of Bhatti Pasal worked with different Michelin star restaurants in Amsterdam until Bhatti Pasal was established. This is the best eatery for Nepalese people staying in Amsterdam. This place is not for fine dining because of limited seats and tables so you have to wait for the table. You can also make a reservation for an event.

5) Foodhallen

Foodhallen is one of the best local restaurants in Amsterdam, established in 2014 by four college friends, Chong Chu, Tsibo Lin, Zing-Kyn Cheung, and Rakish Gangapersad and it is located in Bellamyplein 51 1053AT. It is the first indoor food market in Amsterdam, having a variety of food and drinks. They entertain their customers by organizing different events. These events take place in Kanarie Club in their neighborhood.

6) Vermeer

Vermeer restaurant was established by one-star Michelin Chef Chris Naylor and it is located in Prins Hendrikkade, Amsterdam. The current owner of this restaurant is the NH Collection Barbizon Palace hotel. The kitchen of this restaurant is defined as Chris’s culinary laboratory. The restaurant lounge starts with a bar where bartenders serve different drinks to their customers. There is a special private room for a business lunch or dinner which can hold up to 26 people. They offer 4, 5, and 6-course menu at reasonable prices.

7) Sherpa Restaurant

It is the best Nepalese and Tibetan restaurant in Amsterdam and was established in 1975. It is located in Korte Leidsedwarsstraat in Amsterdam. If you like dumplings and Indian food like tandoori, tikka, etc. then it is the best place to visit. You can also make a reservation. Delivery service is also available.

8) Piqniq

Piqniq restaurant is located in a beautiful street of Jordaan, the Lindengracht, in Amsterdam. Piqniq is derived from the French word pique nique, pique means “to pick something” and nique means “trifle”. It is often known for its breakfast, lunch, high tea, and picnic basket. Here you will find food-related to breakfast, lunch, desserts, and drinks. You can reserve a table for celebrating some special occasion or want to spend meaningful time with family.

9) The Chicken Bar

It is one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam. It was founded in 2018. It is located in Voetboogstraat in Amsterdam. It is the place where you can enjoy tasty and delicious chicken from the rotisserie. They also serve Vleminckx fries, known as the best fries in Amsterdam. In addition to all their tasty and delicious food, they also serve wine and cocktail. Delivery service is available. You can also reserve your table.

10) Italia Oggi

Italia Oggi is one of the best Italian restaurants in Amsterdam. It was established in 2005, where they serve a variety of Italian dishes where you will imagine yourself in Italy for a meanwhile. This restaurant is located in Amsterdam centrum inside Bantammerstraat near Red Light District. This place is ideally suitable for a romantic dinner with your loved ones. If you want to dine with a large group of friends or family, Italia Oggi is the ideal place for it.

What’s more in Amsterdam?

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