These best things to help hair grow fast are natural and easy to follow at home. They don’t have any side effects and natural remedy experts recommend these hair growth solutions.

These 10 best things are really, really, and really going to help your hair grow faster. The best things to help hair grow faster are not about expensive treatments, buying a variety of hair products, or etc. Just try these outs. These things are simple, easy to do, and not even costly for your hair care.

To help hair grow fast, follow these things listed below: –

Avoid Taking Stress and Tension

The first and foremost thing is to avoid taking stress and tensions. The more healthy you’re internal, the better your hair grows. Taking too much tension and stress actually reduces your hair growth – it’s something experienced by every second girl. Usually, girls do so much for their hair growth, but they simply forget to stop being stressed out all the time for little things.

Keeping your Stomach Healthy

Having bad stomach health affects overall body strength and hence hair too. If you remain ill quiet often due to stomach diseases or issues, then you’re likely to grow hair slower. Keep your stomach free from unhealthy food and avoid food & activities that affect your digestion.

Frequent Trimming of Split Ends

As soon as you see hair split ends, trim your hair a little bit. Stop split ends to grow and get stronger. You would be surprised to know that in Asian countries, often girls and boys trim their hair on the full moon. This is not a fact but, you can make a habit of trimming your bad hair regularly. Trimming hair is one of the best things to help grow fast naturally.

Apply hair Oil for not more than 2 hours

2-3 hours are enough to oil the roots of your hair. Some people leave the oil in hair for several hours which actually closes the hair roots and increases dandruff. The more dandruff your hair has, the more hair fall you’re going to bear. Apply a mixture of oils to your hair just before 2 hours of hair wash. Just ensure that the oil fully reaches your scalp. After washing hair, apply good essence hair oil to the hair ends just to keep them not frizzy after getting dry.

Stop hurting you’re with harsh combs

While detangling hair, many people hurt their hair with harsh combs. It breaks your hair and you think its a hair fall. Not really! It is because of your worst way to comb your hair. When you wash your hair, comb your hair after they get dried a little bit and the application of hair smoothing cream to hair ends. I personally apply coconut oil to the hair ends every time I wash my hair.

Avoid Frequent use of Shampoo & Conditioners

Using shampoo and conditioners multiple times leaves your hair unhealthy. Realistically speaking, you cannot have good hair if you are using shampoo and conditions frequently. Those are full of chemicals that actually weaken your hair.

Use shampoo mixed in water and apply it only roots. Don’t leave the shampoo in the hair for long. Just apply and wash-off the oils right away. Don’t use shampoo as a healer for hair. Just use it to wipe out the oil. That’s it.

Even the paraben-free and other medically tested shampoos and conditioners are harmful to many people. In medical labs, the conditions are made ideal which is not the case for everyone else’s hair. The best thing is to avoid frequent use of shampoos, conditioners, and chemical hair treatment creams.

Just Stop Heating your Hair

Heating your hair directly burns your roots and hair cells. Take sunlight as a natural healer and conditioner for your hair. Stop heat dryers and other heat treatments to your hair. Wash your hair with cool water. Even in winters, use only mild-warm water on hairs instead of extra hot water on hairs too.

Just satisfy yourself with natural remedies and beauty solutions for curling and straightening your hair. For curly hairs, you do not even need permanent curl treatments. There are many ways to keep your hair curly with fine and smooth curls of any length. For those who want straight hair, they should go for one time permanent straightening treatment. Afterward, go for only natural protein, smoothies, vitamins, and washing habits.

Avoid Color Treatments When You Can’t Manage

Don’t go for hair color treatments when you cannot take care of your hair afterward. Hair colors are chemicals that change the natural color of your hair for a certain period. You shouldn’t be coloring your hair when you know you’re lazy to strengthen your hair with oils, juices, and other hair care habits. Some people have observed thinning of their hair after hair color treatments.

Make use of Fresh Juices for Hair

Yes, this is amazing. Just like our body, the hair also needs care with fresh juices. Add fresh fruits and vegetable juices that are enriched in vitamins required for your hair growth. Instead of using hair supplements, you can have a good hair growth diet plan. Try to intake Vitamin A, E, and protein in the first half of the day and let the body utilize it in the next half. Vitamin C fruits also helps to improve blood circulation which ultimately helps your hair grow naturally and faster.

Get rid of dust, lice, and dandruff

Among other best things to help hair grow fast, hair cleaning is way too important. Keep the hair clean and free from dust, lice, and dandruff. The more dusty your hair remains, the slower your hair growth is. Cover your head while going out with a loose scarf. Personally, I found scarfs a great solution to get rid of dust that attaches to hair, naked skin, and clothes.

Do these tips really help you? Share your experience in comments and do share it to help your family and friends grow hair fast.

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