Best Vacation Spots for Couples on a Budget in the US

There are several vacation spots to visit in US, but not all of them can be visited in budget. For couples, we have listed vacation spots to visit and enjoy time in a low budget.

These are the best vacation spots for couples on a budget in the US:-

New York in the New York

Brooklyn Bridge Park, 334 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

It’s an urban oasis features shaded picnic tables, hibachi-style BBQ grills, & river views.

It’s clean, spacious, and has beautiful views of the ocean, and plants. It’s also a nice place to take photo shoots, spend time with the family, or for the younger ones to have fun. The park offers so many things you could do there.

Some things the Brooklyn New York park includes are soccer fields, Volleyball Beach courts, basketball courts, small sand areas, barbecue grills with tables, small parks within the park, a bicycle lane, some restaurants, areas for picnic, boardwalks, sitting areas, and so much more. I especially like how the park placed the sitting areas in front of the beautiful views. It’s nice to sit having the ocean, sand, and Manhattan right in front of you.

Well probably its the largest park in Brooklyn. It has everything with basketball courts on one pier and a turf soccer field on another. You can even access it from two ferry stops. A great place to just chill by the water with fantastic, up-close views of lower Manhattan! Time-Out Market is so close on the North side of the park with great food options.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming US

Yellowstone Park View in Wyoming

Renowned park since 1872 is home to mountains, animals & the world’s largest collection of geysers. It’s an amazing National Park with a lot of wildlife and cool physical features, whether it be geysers, hot springs, deep canyons, waterfalls, and more. This is a high recommendation of going to visit this National Park to see the beauty it has to offer. A tip though is to remember you can drive to the top of Mammoth Falls instead of staring at the bottom. Whether you are hiking in the park or just driving through, it is certainly worth it.

Yellowstone Park has so much to offer. The park is so large and wide open that you can see so much just from driving from one attraction to the next. The most popular sites will be full of people throughout the day so we’d suggest viewing them early. Old Faithful has only a certain number of times it goes off per day so that should be one of the first you visit since it is time sensitive and the times aren’t all equally apart.

This also gives you an opportunity to see what the park rangers suggest to visit and even see some of their informational presentations of the park. Considering there are so many unique features here it is cool to learn more about the park especially all of the hot springs here.

One of the most popular and colorful is obviously the Grand Prismatic Spring. If you visit and want to see an aerial view you should stop by the nearby parking lot which has a trail that takes you to see the spring from above. This gives you some better perspective of the entire spring and the surrounding areas. We hope to be back for several days next time and camp at one of the many campgrounds they have along the rivers.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Brooklyn Bridge, New York,

This is a beautiful bridge connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan. Very unique structure made out of stones and cables.This bridge is part of so many movies, it is good to experience this in real life. Great place to walk and take pictures. Couples must see if you they are visiting New York City.

I would say go there an hour before sunset so that you can experience day sunset and night views. Very nice to see city in the lights with the combination of sunset. It is always crowded on the bridge, but the experience is wonderful.

At the weekend it’s a bit crowded but then you can earn a visit to the Dumbo area on the Brooklyn side of the bridge. The metro is super close to the bridge on both sides (Manhattan & Brooklyn), on the Manhattan side, it’s worth to combine a visit on the bridge with wall street & world trade center area.

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