Best restaurants to eat in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo has a diverse culture and lifestyle and many travelers feel comfortable here in a short period of time. It has beautiful weather throughout the year, really good vegetarian food spots, and amazing views. It also has a number of colleges that host international students so it is not wrong to say that Buffalo is home to a large number of foreigners. As the city is well known for its Haute cuisines and a variety of restaurants provide a more luxurious dining experience with diverse menus crafted by highly skilled chefs.

Buffalo has many more things to explore. The more you will explore the city the more you will find out about its tourist spots and best-serving restaurants. Buffalo has a lot of ground to cover. The more you explore the city, the more you find out about its tourist attractions and its best serving restaurants. But let us make some things easy for you. If you’re staying at Buffalo and searching for some tasty food locations, read our complete article to learn about the best restaurants in Buffalo, NY.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is located in the middle of Buffalo’s theatre district. The restaurant sells the best Bar-B-Que dishes in the area. The waiters employed by the restaurant are highly skilled. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que offers a nice place to enjoy your food with your friends and family or to arrange birthdays. It has a comfortable environment and the tables on the left side of the restaurant are a perfect spot to carry some drinks back and enjoy some BBQ under string lighting.

Cuisines: BBQ sandwiches, steaks, chicken wings, fried green tomatoes, Dino Poutine, nachos, etc.

Location: 301 Franklin St, Buffalo, NY 14202, United States

Contact: +1 716-880-1677

Osteria 166

Osteria 166 is one of the best restaurants in Buffalo, NY which serves fresh and hot food with quick service to the customers. They have also served frozen meals to the customers that can be microwaved and enjoyed at home during the pandemic. The prices of the meals they serve are reasonable. The place is great. It has an exquisite and cozy atmosphere and gives a classic Italian vibe. The workers are extremely welcoming and skilled in their jobs. It is rated as one of the best Italian restaurants in Buffalo, NY. 

Cuisines: Brussels sprouts, meatballs, tiramisu, pizzas, etc.

Location: 166 Franklin St, Buffalo, NY 14202, United States

Contact:  +1 716-858-3118

The left Bank

The Left Bank is one of the romantic restaurants’ buffalo NY accommodates. It offers a nice and cozy place to dine in. The restaurants serve fresh and delectable food which is not very inexpensive but worth a try. The parking facility is also provided for the convenience of the customers. The Left Bank serves the best deserts. The interior design featured fresh flowers and white paper over tablecloths, tables illuminated with real candles, not electrical simulations, or decorative tea lights offered at other restaurants. You will have a good experience with the restaurant.

Cuisines: Desserts, Fried Oysters, Red Beans and Rice, Pork Tenderloin, etc.

Location: 511 Rhode Island St, Buffalo, NY 14213, United States

Contact: +1 716-882-3509


Toutant provides modern country food and drinks, served in a cozy, informal atmosphere. Focusing on excellent quality, seasonal ingredients. Guests can enjoy tasty Southern contentment cuisine from a menu containing large quantities of fresh Gulf seafood and shellfish, buttermilk fried chicken, and realistic pastiches of other Southern classics. The restaurant has super friendly waiters and the best environment to enjoy.

Cuisines: Boutique Oysters, Pork Rind Cracklings, Smoked Sausage, Nashville Hot Chicken, cocktails, and desserts.

Location: 437 Ellicott St, Buffalo, NY 14203, United States

Contact: +1 716-342-2901


The SZND is an American restaurant that serves American cuisine with a concentration on house-made items, starting with pasta to pizzas and several other dishes. The restaurant has a beautiful interior and soft music to make the customers comfortable. The owner and the staff of the restaurant are friendly and attentive to cater to customer needs. The food served by SZND is highly rated by the customers. If you are visiting Buffalo you must try SZND.

Cuisines: Wontons, peanut butter, cocktails, pizzas, pasta, etc.

Location: 1448 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216, United States

Contact: +1 716-322-0037

The dapper goose

The dapper goose restaurant is one of the good restaurants in Buffalo, NY. It is a small restaurant with an amazing server to deal with the crowd during peak days. The food is delicious and well served with different drinks. The environment is warm, you can enjoy personal service, the food is cheap and diverse cuisine, all set in a cozy heritage environment. It serves the best food in small and large plates with varied prices. 

Cuisines: traditional chicken souvlaki pita, tzatziki, Open Chicken Souvlaki, etc.

Location: 491 Amherst St, Buffalo, NY 14207, United States

Contact: +1 716-551-0716

Mighty Taco

Mighty Taco offers the best tacos in Buffalo, NY. It has 20 outlets in Buffalo from where you can buy delicious tacos, burritos, quesadillas, empanadas, nacho platters, and much more. The restaurant is very clean and comfortable. The staff employed by Mighty taco are prompt and courteous. According to customers review their chicken made products are better than beef products so for a good experience you can try both and evaluate which one you think is best

Cuisines: Tacos, nachos, burritos, etc

Location: 1039 McKinley Pkwy, Buffalo, NY 14220, United States,

52 W Chippewa St, Buffalo, NY 14202, United States

Contact: +1 716-939-2653


Oliver’s was established in 1936 in Buffalo, NY. It is a sophisticated restaurant with elegant décor and delicious food. There is a special menu each day which you can try and the overall service provided by the restaurant is top-notch. The piano played in the background gives the environment a great vibe. You can also arrange special dinners at the place as it is ideal to host friends or special guests. 

Cuisines: Chicken Milanese, Scallops, Salmon, Duck Breast, etc.

Location: 2095 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216, United States

Contact: +1 716-877-9662

The Grotto

The Grotto is an old school style Italian American restaurant which is refreshing as there are plenty of “modern” authentic Italian restaurants in the area. Hence it is a unique place to dine in or have lunch in the office break hours. The staff of the restaurant is very friendly and polite. The food prepared by Grotto is served fresh and piping hot. The restaurant is known for its best soups.

Cuisines: Soups, chicken parm, Mini cannolis, etc.

Location: 60 Niagara St, Buffalo, NY 14202, United States

Contact: +1 716-768-5424


Hutch’s is one of the best restaurants in Buffalo NY. It is simple from the exterior but has a very well-designed interior. The restaurant is spacious with comfortable sit in. The staff is also very polite and welcoming. The restaurant offers a wide range of foods which you can try. You can also visit your friends or family members on special occasions. Hutch’s is highly appreciated for its delicious steaks.

Cuisines: steaks, bacon, Eggplant Napoleon, etc

Location: 1375 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14209, United States

Contact: +1 716-885-0074

This concludes the list of best restaurants in Buffalo, NY. There are also many other restaurants which you can visit apart from these and enjoy brunch or family dinners. 

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