Canada Sees Est. +50% Demand for Private Investigators in Last 3 Months

Ontario is #1 region that seeks help from private investigators.

Private investigators can help you with resolving spouse cheating cases, WSIB Frauds, corporate level frauds, worker compensation, and relationship issues.

In Canada, the demand for private investigators raises to nearly +50% over the last 3 months.

The graph below tells the search trend for a private investigator in Canada over the period of the last 3 months i-e: September to November 2020.

Ontario is seen at the top in-demand of private investigation services while Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia are just below Ontario for similar searches.

People are more interested in buying services from personal detectives that may help them secretly. Most issues are related to individual and families facing scam online relationships, cheating the spouses, and divorce cases.

Recently, an SEO company, that worked for top-rated private investigators in Mississauga and private investigators in Toronto, revealed that people are more willing to have their personal matters investigated once they’ve taken it to the public already, by discussing their issues via messages and calls. Normally the victim does not realize that they’re being cheated on or fooled until they’re heartbroken directly. In that position, they either lose hope or tend towards private investigators to seek help.

The point is does sharing your data with a private investigator is safe? Does it really help? How it is different than seeking help through the court directly?

From the stats, people are more comfortable sharing their data and personal issues with private investigators than the typical law agents. The reason could be the high consultation fee of typical lawyers or attorneys that deal with your case. On the other hand, victims at this stage become more emotional and seek quick personalized help that comes with trust. Private investigation agencies ensure that trust and dependency on their investigation.

Not every personal issue can be resolved or investigated so easily. It may take a few days to several weeks for the private investigator to come up with results. The good thing, you’re remained in contact and informed. The best way to get started with any private investigator is to read their reviews on the web, glance through their website to see if it is actually made for victims or just they’re seeking money, look into the transparency with their business information, and similar trust points.

It is not always a good idea to reach court for your personal issues. If legal help is needed, private investigators can help you with that too.

See this search trend for private investigator vs. private detective in Canada over the period of last 3 months.

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