List of Conservative News Websites in the US

Conservative news websites provide you with politically reliable information that is normally ignored on click-bait news websites.

What are conservative news websites?

Previously, until the 1860s, conservative news websites were known to be the most reliable sources of news information. They were not click-baits, controversial, or just attention-seekers. However, in the 1860s, there has been a party formed with the name “Conservative Party” among several states in the U.S. Now, conversation news websites, even the most trustworthy ones, are known to be controversial. Therefore, when the media bias is at its best in the public, it becomes conservative news media.

Unlike other countries, the United States does not originally have a controversial type of bias political party. However the differences in political ideologies, agendas, and opinions, conservatism has skyrocketed in the U.S. and many other countries like Great Britain and Canada.

There are tons of news websites that are just driving attention for only their story titles only. In the meantime, conservative news sites online, of your interest, still help to find better information than the regular news websites.

Top 10 Conservative News Websites in US

These are the top ten conservative news websites that can you refer to for conservative stories, news, and opinions:-

#1 Fox News

Fox News prime time hosts are strongly conservative and pro-Trump, but the demographic of FNC’s viewers are predominantly the elderly.

It’s #1 on our conservative news websites list. In general, it takes a slightly more conservative stance than the rest of the mainstream media and covers stories that the MSM chooses to skim over or not to report on. However it still has some left-leaning bias, run by the globalist Murdoch family, and it has censored many conservatives and downplays the social issues.

  • SimilarWeb (US): 30
  • Alexa Rank (US): 57

#2 Drudge Report

Drudge Report is an online news aggregator for more than 2 decades. It aggregates news of Hollywood and media news including the news that are censored by mainstream media.

  • SimilarWeb (US): 89
  • Alexa Rank (US): 145

#3 New York Post

The New York Post is a conservative tabloid newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns Fox News.

  • SimilarWeb (US): 121
  • Alexa Rank (US): 137

#4 Breitbart News

Breitbart News breaks some big stories and exposes liberal deceit. It takes a strong conservative stance on most issues, including even on social issues.

  • SimilarWeb (US): 201
  • Alexa Rank (US): 53

#5 The Hill

The Hill News is a terrific source of news from Washington, D.C. It’s usually without liberal bias (although its comment section is overwhelmed with snide anti-Trump and anti-conservative comments by irrational liberal posters).

  • SimilarWeb (US): 229
  • Alexa Rank (US): 247

#6 The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is often (but not always) runs conservative editorials, and news does not have as much of the bias in other mainstream media sites.

  • SimilarWeb (US): 260
  • Alexa Rank (US): 138

#7 Washington Examiner

Has several strongly-conservative commentators and news is mostly free of liberal bias, though exceptions exist in both categories.

  • SimilarWeb (US): 442
  • Alexa Rank (US): 1338

#8 The Daily Wire

A news and opinion website founded by Ben Shapiro. The Daily Wire is a hard-hitting, irreverent news and commentary site for a new generation of conservatives.

  • SimilarWeb (US): 563
  • Alexa Rank (US): 870

#9 Daily Caller

Daily Caller website is known as The DC, is a conservative news website co-founded by journalist and media personality Tucker Carlson.

  • SimilarWeb (US): 563
  • Alexa Rank (US): 870

#10 Gateway Pundit

Gateway Pundit is a conservative news website with tremendous writing, a rapier wit, and the national leader in breaking honest, original news stories.

  • SimilarWeb (US): 1066
  • Alexa Rank (US): 169

Is natural news a conservative website?

Natural News is also backed by media somewhere. Natural News can also be controversial, biased, or too-conservative as stories.

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