5 Best Courier Companies in the US for Businesses and Individuals

A courier is a company, and its employees deliver the package from one place to another. Couriers are booked online and then sent to the relevant address at home or unload the parcel at a nearby area. Courier services are usually different in features from ordinary mail as Speed, Security, Training, Skill. Courier services are mostly more expensive than standard mail. Courier services are not limited to cities but also serve internationally. Massive courier corporations include FedEx, DHL, Aramex, UPS, EMS international, and much more.

There are many courier companies in the USA, such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, and Aramex, which deliver parcels from one state to another. They also provide their services outside the country.

Here are the best Courier Companies in the US for Business and Individuals:

1) DHL (Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn):

DHL was established by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn in 1969. They didn’t know they will bring change in the world of logistics. These days, DHL is the most popular courier company.

They work day and night in more than 220 countries to help people grow their businesses or send parcels to their loved ones.

Their shipping service is of two types:

1) Document & Parcel Shipping

Which include domestic and international shipping of documents or letters.

2) Freight Shipping:

Which include Pallets, Containers & all types of Cargo. Regardless of what form of freight you need to send or where it has to go, DHL will make it sure to arrives on time. Their freight transport offerings consist of worldwide and domestic shipping. Due to the fact, each freight they deliver is particular, so too are their freight delivery options. 

2) FedEx:

FedEx enterprise is an American worldwide transport services organization situated in Memphis, Tennessee. This company is known for its overnight shipping service, and it has a system that can easily track packages and also provide an exact update of location. FedEx is one of the top constructors of the united states government. Their workers are spread all over the world and provide their services to the people.

FedEx is one of the best courier companies in the world which serve their customers very well. FedEx also provides two types of shipments.

1) Domestic shipment:

          It means delivery will be at a specific place or within the country.

2) International Shipment:

          It means delivery can take place in a specified area with in the country as well as abroad.

They also provide a single package and multiple packages shipment with FedEx Ship Manager® Lite and  FedEx Ship Manager® at 

3) USPS (United States Postal Service):

USPS, also known as post office the US Mail, is a self-governing company of the administrative section of the United States national government accountable for providing postal service in the United States, including those areas and states associated with it. The Postal Service is constitutionally obliged to serve all Americans, despite geography, at regular cost and condition. 

It is one of the best courier companies in the Us for businesses and Individuals. USPS is the only shipping service that reaches every corner of the world.

They provide three shipping services:

1) Click-N-Ship® Online Shipping:

This shipping method is best for those customers who want to ship 1 to 10 packages per month.

2) Click-N-Ship Business Pro™:

This shipping method is best for those customers who want to ship more than 10 packages at a time.

3) Business Customer Gateway:

This shipping method is for those who want to manage a large number of mailing and shipping in the central USPS market place.

What are the resources they provide to their customers?

The following are the resources they provide to their customers

Developer Resources:

For developer resources, they use USPS Web Tools® APIs for e-commerce and shipping.

Marketing Resources:

For marketing resources, they use USPS Delivers™.

Large Mailer Resources:

For large mailer resources, they use PostalPro™.

4) UPS (United Postal Service):

UPS is an American multinational, delivery, and supply cable administration company. It is also knowns as one of the best courier companies in the US that serve their customers well all over the world.

They provide shipping services & solutions for business through:

  • Shipping.
  • Tracking.
  • Billing.
  • International shipping.
  • Contract Logistics.
  • Integrating UPS Technology.
  • Sustainability.
  • E-commerce.

They also provide services in three segments:

1) US Domestic package:

It includes the delivery of a document, letter, and packages throughout the state.

2) International Package:

It includes the delivery of a document and packages all over the world.

3) Supply Chain and Freight:

It includes the delivery of logistics and other business units to more than 175 countries.

5) GlobalPost:

GlobalPost offers various home and international delivery solutions that simplify parcel shipping while saving your money. Through combining our international-class customer support, clean-to-use generation, and seamless integrations with the world’s pinnacle delivery structures, we assist e-commerce and warehouse dealers to be successful locally and around the arena.

Global Post helps improve domestic and international shipping, which saves the customer money and facilitates parcel shipping. They pave the way with world-class customer service, technology, and the world’s largest shipping platforms. E-commerce developers help customers to succeed domestically and around the world.

It is one of the largest courier company in the US, which provides two types of shipment:

1) Domestic Shipment:

In which parcels and documents are delivered within the state.

Domestic shipment includes Parcel select and First class parcel.

Parcel select is cost-saving, and it provides 100% coverage in the US. While the first-class parcel provides delivery of more than 300 packages, and it is a cost-friendly service.

2) International Shipment:

In which parcels and documents are delivered all over the world.

International shipment includes Global Post Economy and Standard International, Global Post Plus, and Global Post Returns.

Global Post allows businesses to ship parcels and documents fast, which saves a lot of time at a low price. Global Post is a DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) service that provides premium shipments all over the world. While Global Post Returns provide different services which include:

  • Global returns with global service.
  • Great all-inclusive fixed rates.
  • Consolidated return shipping.
  • Faster implementation.
  • Increased visibility.
  • Improved consumer experience.
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