Best Food Delivery Apps in New York

The food delivery apps in NYC is a popular way of getting food delivered on your doorsteps within a few minutes after you have placed your order online. Although food delivery has been restricted to some types of restaurants for years, now certain delivery of food online has made it convenient to deliver food from all of your desirable restaurants. Through food delivery apps, you can easily order it from your preferred restaurants by just a few clicks. Now many restaurants are rushing to adopt the latest online ordering method due to the increasing demand of people to get their favorite restaurants on a list of those who are providing home delivery. So today we will list down the top 10 food delivery apps in Nyc that deliver different types of food online all across NYC.


The Grubhub application is available for both Android and iOS and you simply need to enter your location to find the restaurants close to your area. You can apply filters such as cuisines, price, ratings, coupons, or other features and search for the food you want to save your time in browsing. 

You can also choose either you want to deliver or pick up and see the estimated time given to you by the application. Grubhub allows you to save multiple delivery locations within the app. However, you can save your location to make it easier and faster for you to order your food online next time without wasting your time in filling up the same location over and over again. 

Grubhub is available in 3200 cities in the USA and is free to use. However, some restaurants may charge delivery fees and may have a limitation of the minimum order amount set.

Doordash (iOS/Android)

DoorDash is one of the widely used food delivery apps in NYC which is not only limited to NYC but is available in over 800 US and Canadian cities including Atlanta, Seattle, Boston, New York, and Chicago. The app offers delivery of a huge variety of cuisines from various restaurants. The Search feature in the application enables users to access food types such as pizza, burger, etc. or rating, price, and delivery options. 

The app also provides benefits including no first-order shipping costs and the opportunity to check out restaurants outside your local vicinity. Different restaurants charges differently but usually most have a shipping charge of $3 and a service rate of $3 on top of a meal and tax.

Uber Eats

Worldwide, more than 75 million people have Uber eats app downloaded on their phones from where they order food online. This is one of the most rated food delivery apps in NYC which is very user-friendly and provides restaurants through customer location and nearby restaurants available. When you open the app, you will find a variety of restaurants located nearby. 

These can be small to big restaurants with different rates of food they offer. The app also shows estimated delivery time and also allows cashless transactions. Uber eats is the best option to use even in smaller cities. UberEats charges a service fee of 15 percent of the subtotal of order.  


Postmates is quite distinct from the other food delivery companies. Postmate delivers many products than not just-food. Postmates are presently available in all 50 states and D.C., in more than 4,200 cities across the U.S. During peak delivery hours you have to pay additional charges. 

Postmates also offers a $10-a-month “Unlimited” service that provides you free delivery from select stores and restaurants on orders over $12. You can download the app on android and IOS. not just delivers food online but also provides you the opportunity to shop lunch, grocery shopping, a bottle of wine, or even dry cleaning with this app. is operated in more than 100 cities. To place your order, you can download the app on IOS or android or place your order online.

The application is free to use and but has a limitation of minimum order on each order you place and delivery charges are also charged. Moreover, they do not offer monthly subscriptions, unlike other food delivery apps. However, they provide loyalty cards or rewards on your orders. 


ChowNow is also one of the food delivery apps in NYC built for mobile and Facebook and aims to provide restaurants with an easy way to offer online ordering to customers via either their Facebook page. It has access to more than 14000 restaurants all across the USA.

Chownow charges a fixed monthly rate for the website, rather than charging a commission for a single order. Charges can vary between $99-$ 150 a month, depending on the pricing. You can order online or can download the app on iOS and android.  


Caviar is an all-in-one online food platform that connects diners through convenient delivery, pickup, or catering, with the best local and self-reliant restaurants. Caviar offers you the option of getting payouts via Cash App. The money received from each order shipped to Caviar is being deposited immediately into the Cash App. 

With the app, you can keep track of your Caviar payouts. Caviar costs from $1.99 to $8.99 based on size, like a shipping price. Caviar allows diners to apply an extra tip in the app (up to $5) before or after fulfillment of their order


By ordering from seamless you can get your favorite food from the top restaurants nearby like Taco Bell, Burger King, Panda Express & lots more. With no hidden charges, Seamless conveniently offers meals across Nyc, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, etc. You can also get deals and discounts on your purchase from the app. You can pay with Android Pay, PayPal, credit/debit cards. To place your order, download the Seamless app from your play store or Appstore.

You can order food online conveniently from using your smartphone or laptop and can find the latest discounts on the app. The takeaway will link you to thousands of restaurants around you from where you can order any cuisine you like. Be it pizza, burger, Chinese food, Asian food, or anything. You can get it all on

The app allows cash, debit, or Paypal to access payments. Users can also use filters for distance, popularity, newest restaurants, price, product, etc. To save your precious time. The app is available in four languages including Dutch, Spanish, French, and German. Hence it is easily accessible for everyone.


GoPuff app enables you to order snacks, ice cream, and the essential everyday right where you need them. This app is regarded as your online convenience retailer, with over 2000 + products to offer its customers.

The App offers orders at very affordable prices in a short span of time. You can also get medicines online on GoPuff. You can track your orders, as well. To place your order, get the Gopuff application on your android or iOS.

This concludes the total list of best applications that deliver the food online in NYC. Don’t forget to check the List of Best Online Grocery Shops in the USA from our website Exploreitdaily.

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