Best Free Online Computer Science Courses In the US

The Internet has become a Global village where trading and business has become an essential part of life. This brings an inevitable need for knowledgeable and skilled persons to run the global hub. Education has also improved and adapted to the passage of time in the form of online study websites. Considering the global pandemic situation, online study websites helps run the wheel worldwide and anything related to remote became new normal. Virtual education is not confined by boundaries for instance, it doesn’t require a venue and specific date and time to work. The concept of online study websites is user-friendly and people have adopted the new norm of remote or virtual work easily.

Online study websites or virtual education is of 2 types. They can be free or paid. There is also a third option where you can audit a course. By auditing, it means that you can learn the paid course but with no certificate awarded at the end because paid course usually awards you with a signed certificate from professors, unlike free courses where no certificate is awarded. There is a diversity of paid and free courses being accessible on online study websites.

Among thousands of best free online computer courses offered by multiple websites in the US, Coursera holds a special place for providing best free online computer science courses because of many reasons. It provides benefits to the learner that makes the whole process of learning enjoyable and easy. You can always go for Financial Assistance at Coursera where paid courses can be opted for free. You will need to fill and submit the form. Upon acceptance, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits a paid student enjoys. Such online certifications show your commitments and add value to your CV for future opportunities.

Below is the list of best free online computer science courses in the US:

1) Introduction to Programming with MATLAB

This course is among the best free online computer science courses in the US. This course is being taught free on the popular tool that is MATLAB. The course starts with the basic stuff and makes students learn advance techniques over time. The course content is managed in a way that students start from easy concepts and takes on high-level skills with examples and test cases. The course is beneficial for CS enthusiasts and beginners also making it at the top in best free online computer science courses list.

2) C++ for C Programmers

Talking about the best online CS courses, you can enrol for free in another best free online computer science course that is C++ for C Programmers at Coursera. C being the legacy language holds a special place in the CS field. The stable and mature organization have a lot of projects in C language which they want to maintain and regularize. These companies are willing to pay hefty amounts for just maintaining the websites. Courses related to C language are very beneficial to learn and makes your profile worthy.

3) Computer Vision Basics

Computer vision is undoubtedly the emerging field in the world of Computer Science making this course among best free online computer science courses. Almost all the domains especially health and education sector are moving quickly to adapt Computer Vision techniques and incorporate it into their existing projects. You can learn Computer Vision basics in this helpful course. Coursera offers students with advance courses in the Computer Vision field. Many other websites offer similar best free online computer science coursesfor instance, edx, udemy etc.

The detailed information about this best online computer programming course is present alongside that provides you with all the pre-requisites, if any.

4) Code Yourself! An Introduction to Programming

Another best free online computer science courses where you can enrol for free is Code Yourself! Just like all other courses at Coursera, this course is free of cost and provides students with the introduction to programming language from basic to advance level. Programming requires practice. You will have plenty of assignments and examples to understand the concept to the core making this one of the best free online computer science courses. You’ll gain skills in Graph Theory, C++11, C++, and Graph Algorithms.

5) Build Your First Android App

Another best free online computer science course is Build Your First Android App by Coursera. Here, you’ll design, build, and dispense your versatile application for the Android platform. By the end of the course, you’ll have an understanding of Android specificities. The course requires some prior experience in coding, especially in Java language. Familiarity with the OOP concept is a plus. Detailed information is mentioned on the official website of Coursera along with other best free online computer science courses.

6) Building Conversational Experiences with Dialogflow

Google offers a lot of best free computer science courses. You can enrol for free in this amazing best free online computer science course by Coursera. Google Cloud’s Dialogflow course is rated as the best course. You can dive deeply into how to create a chatbot using Dialogflow, it is working in-depth, can also augment it with Cloud NLP APIs, and operationalize it using Google Cloud tools. This is an advance course for professionals making it to the list of best free online computer science courses.

7) Industrial IoT on Google Cloud Platform

IoT is the need of the hour. You can enrol freely in this best free online computer science course provided by Coursera. IoT is a very demanding field and requires professionals to have fluency in their tech stack. After enrolling in this course, you’ll be able to create a streaming data pipeline and registries with Cloud IoT Core. You will also cover topics related to store data on Google Cloud Storage, query the data in BigQuery and achieve insights with Dataprep.

8) Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals for AWS Professionals

You can enrol freely in this best online computer course offered by AWS experts. The course is one of the best free online computer science courses. Here, you will go through the basic 4 pillars of technology that is: networking, computing, storing and database. This course requires you to have basic hands-on experience in AWS technologies like subnets, routing and Amazon etc.

9) Introduction to TCP/IP

Coursera offers a series of thoughtful courses like introduction to TCP/IP. This course targets internet technologies like IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP and routing etc. For the sake of practical examples, Wireshark test cases are also provided where you learn about security fundamentals and how TCP/IP packets work. This is one of the best free online computer science courses.

10) Convolutional Neural Networks

One of the highly enrolled courses is Convolutional Neural Networks where you can get hands-on experience in AI and Data Science. This is a paid specialization that provides best online computer classes but you can always audit the course or opt for Financial Assistance. Details are mentioned on the course website along with the pre-requisites. You can also browse for more best free online computer science courses on the website.

Finally, it is always better to do a little market research before opting in for any online available course. There are many courses that are available online but it all depends on your personal interest and current market needs.

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