9 Best Free Things to do in Albany (2020 List)

There are many awesome free things to do in Albany. Albany has a lot to offer for its visitors and residents. If you’re on a premium plan, you might find these best things to do in Albany as a part of your trip. These trips can be expensive but, you would be surprised to know that there are tons of premium-like free things to do in Albany.

There are wonderful events and attractions in New York while Albany, within New York, is known for its everyday events. There are many scheduled events in Albany that anyone can join. Free arrangements are made for everyone. The capital city fortunately comes with multiple opportunities for real fun and enjoyment with family and friends.

Below we’ve listed 10+ free things to do in Albany, New York: –

The New York State Museum - Free things to do in Albany -
The New York State Museum, Albany

#1 The New York State Museum

Enjoy your rainy days in the New York state museum. It’s amazing to spend time with museum birds and animals while it’s raining as the whole environment looks really appealing. Multiple events took place every day in this museum. It is an absolutely stunning museum with so much history in it. You will be amazed by all the exhibitions and details that you can find there. The whole history of New York, old trains, cars, fire trucks, centuries of cultural development are all in one place here. The New York State Museum is recommended for families as well as history lovers. It’s a true highlight of Albany City and its free of charge.

Washington Park - Free Things to do in Albany -
Washington Park, Albany

#2 Washington Park, Albany

Washington Park is a neighborhood in Albany. It has a stunning pond, a beautiful bridge, and thousands of tulips in the spring season. Visiting Washington Park is totally free of charge. Take photos in front of statues over the mountain rocks. It’s a great vacation spot for couples as they can spend their great time surrounded by the green beauty of this park. Families also plan picnics. Locals also come to this park for long walks on its beautiful tracks.

Corning Towers Albany - Free things to do in Albany
Corning Towers, Albany

#3 The Corning Tower Observation Deck

The Corning Tower observation deck is located on the 42nd floor of Empire State Plaza which is the tallest building in New York City. It gives you breathtaking views of the whole Albany city including the Port of Albany, Hudson River Vallery, the Adirondacks, the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, the Catskills, Governor’s Mansion, and other large portions of the Albany city. You need to bring your national identity having your valid photo id for entrance and its free to go there. The Corning Tower Observation Deck remains open from Mon-Fri 10 am to 4 pm. While you visit these pine bushes, don’t forget to bring eateries and yummy cheesecakes that are famous in Albany.

Pine Bush Preserves Albany - Free things to do in Albany
Pine Bush Preserves, Albany

#4 The Albany Pine Bush Preserve

Albany’s Pine Bush Preserve is one of the twenty pine bush preserves on our entire planet. It’s among the best free things to do in Albany especially if you like nature. It has great trails for the family and very close to everything. It has lots of different rare habitats and Eco-systems to travel through. The visitor center is partially open and lots of the exhibits are worth looking. Within a little bit of sand, it has a nice track and about 20 miles of multi-use trails having stairs, a nice brook, bridges, climbs, and downhill. It’s an awesome place for a solitary walk in nature. Between the rare ecology and animal species and the miles and miles of trail that truly feel like wilderness, this is an extremely special place for hikers. It’s also a perfect place for a horse ride and walks.

Capitol Building - Free Things to do in Albany -
Capitol Building, Albany

#5 Capitol Building

It took 25 years for Capitol Building to complete its construction and open for the public. It’s free to tour Capitol Building having a free tour guide with you every Monday through Friday 10, 12, 2, and 3 pm. You’ll see its beautiful and fabulous artwork inside and outside of the building. Capitol building is an absolute must-see for all US citizens. It’s a perfect place for historical tours. The history alone is worth it. It’s rich in stature with plenty of paintings and sculptures. The beauty of its overall building is breathtaking. It’s very awe-inspiring being able to see both the House and Senate debate while seating in the gallery. Security is tight so don’t bring a lot with you.

Depiction of Events
Depiction of First Friday Events, Albany

#6 1st Friday in Albany

Every first Friday of each month, Albany is set to a number of free and paid events throughout city centers, malls, art galleries, restaurants, boutiques, and more establishments. Get yourself updated with a list of free events in Albany every first Friday at Albany’s official site. Different communities post their free events on their websites or social media so follow top malls in Albany as well as communities.

Washington Park Lakehouse - Free Things to do in Albany -
The Washington Park Lakehouse, Albany

#7 The Washington Park Lake House

Within #2 Washington Park in the list, there is a Lakehouse that offers mesmerizing theater productions every summer season. It is built on the rolling urban parkland which is about 90 acres in area size. Non-profit organizations can acquire this lake house for $150 for their events. It has detailed interiors, pink terrazzo floors, pilaster works, wrought-iron chandeliers, and green terrazzo baseboards. It has a seating capacity of 1500 people. It is suitable for family outdoor enjoyment with kids. It’s among casually-liked free things to do in Albany, by tourists.

Alive at Five Concert - Free Things to do in Albany -
Alive at Five Concert, Albany

#8 Alive at Five Concert Series

Alive at Five is a premier-style free summer concert series for national, regional, and local artists. The performers bring out their best performances to this annual event that occurs every Thursday evening during summers except July 2. The event happens at Jenning Landing at the Albany Corning Preserve with a rain location of the Boat Launch in Colonie & Water streets. Local vendors sell food and beverages to the event attendees and even BBQ is also there for BBQ lovers. You cannot take glass containers, alcohols, coolers, backpacks, bags, containers, packages, thermoses, cups, glass bottles, cans, flasks, animals, and pets in the event ground. Also, there is no permission to record the event without prior consent.

Empire State Plaza Ice Rink - Free things to do in Albany -
Empire State Plaza Ice Rink, Albany

#9 Empire State Plaza Ice Rink

A beautiful part of winter can be seen in Empire State Plaza i-e: Skating area. Empire State Plaza has an ice rink that remains open for winters. unfortunately due to the pandemic situation, it is closed for the 2019-2020 season. Hopefully, it will be opened for the next 2020-2021 season. Ice skating is free in Empire Skate Plaza. In case you don’t have ice skates with you, you can rent it for $3 to $4 easily. If you’re a beginner in skating then, you must visit its Learn to Skate Clinics that will help you learning skating. You don’t need to buy skates while learning.

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