10 Grants for Women Empowerment in the US

If you’re an entrepreneur, raising wealth is a complicated part of your work. Similarly, if you are a student, saving money to go for higher studies or pursue your dreams might be the biggest challenge. Grants for women empowerment are an excellent chance for anyone especially women and helps them succeed by providing them with a push to kickstart their career. If you are a woman, grants will help you significantly to succeed.

There are many ways of securing grants for women empowerment. Grants are usually provided by government organizations, nonprofits, and private companies to youth and startups. These honours are free money that you do not need to pay back at any time. Many grants are for both male and female entrepreneurs. But some are open only to women. Following are some of the grants for women empowerment:

1) contains a list of grants for women empowerment. It is a database of federally supported grants, including grants for small productions. You will need to visit the official website and check out their segment on grant applicants to see if you are eligible. is the best place to start with if you are looking for federally sponsored grants for women empowerment. Since this is a database, a seeker might need to sort and filter the results based on different requirements.

2) National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) Grants

These grants for women empowerment are given to startups’ owner who is a NASE member and can validate a precise need for the cash. Most importantly who has the best business idea that can bring an impact. Upon accepting, you will be granted with multiple prizes having $4,000 worth each. Only 50,000 members can access the annual grant of the National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE). For this reason, it is important to note how to become a member at NASE. To do so, you’ll have to pay $120 per year for initial membership the benefits of enrolling in includes lifetime access to multiple grants and scholarships.

You might also need to demonstrate how such grants for women empowerment will advance your business’s development and success.

3) Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant Program

These grants are for businesses who aspire to make optimistic social and environmental impacts. Recipients of this grant enjoy up to $40,000 each year.

This grant for women empowerment was launched in 2004 by the Fashion designer Eileen Fisher as understood by the name of the grant. Eileen Fisher’s grant program is assigned to the women who are making a positive impact on the environment and who ae flag bearer of women empowerment. To become eligible, you will need to be a decision-maker, an engaging person in economy, you must be willing to train women and girls regarding climate change and the minimalizations of its adverse effects.

4) Amber Grant

Amber Grant is a grant for females owning small businesses. It was created in honour of a young woman who died before she could accomplish her business visions. The only thing you need to do is to explain your story and pay the application fee to become eligible.

The program provides a $10,000 grant amount to the winning candidates. Some people might find these grants’ amount insufficient but the truth is such grants for women empowerment are helpful for the small startups that need a little push. And also, the grants are always free. You will never be asked to give the money back.

5) IdeaCafe Grant

This is a grant for women empowerment and is available for small startups or small unplanned business. This is the easiest application to get started with. You just need to fill out the form and in case of selection, you will receive grants up to $1000. This grant is usually for businesses who are operating on a very small scale or the businesses who are not active yet.

6) Girlboss Foundation Grant

Another grant for women empowerment is a Girlboss Foundation Grant. It is a biannual grant for female entrepreneurs seeking to work in a competitive environment. The grants required you to fill out the application form and provides the sample of your work. Potential benefits include $15,000 grant and online exposure. The grant supports the design, fashion and music enthusiasts.

7) Cartier Women’s Initiative Award

These are the grants for women empowerment and are awarded to 18 female entrepreneurs around the world each year. The application process is more or less the same just like other grants. Receivers usually get grant amounts ranging between $100,000 to $30,000.

8) is a collection of opportunities for women that allows females to find the opportunity of their interest at one place. Multiple industries sponsor these grants for female entrepreneurs. You can search comprehensively about the opportunity by browsing on the given links.

9) FedEx Small Business Grant

FedEx provides grants for women empowerment. Grantees not only receive grant amount but also free FedEx printing and business services.

Although the FedEx Business Grant isn’t solely for small businesses owned by women entrepreneurs only, it is always encouraged to apply for it. Winners receive a hefty amount of funding to pursue their dreams of becoming a female entrepreneur with the help of such grants for women empowerment. The amount ranges from $10000 to $25000.

10) The Halstead Grant

The Halstead is another grant for women empowerment. It aims at women doing jewellery business. To become eligible for this grant, you will need to submit your portfolio for the jury members to assess your achievement and to decide whether they lie with the cause or not. You will also be asked to submit a series of questions. The questions will be mostly regarding the business plan to understand your idea better.

Upon successful acceptance, a candidate receives a grant of $7500 to $1000 from Halstead grants for women empowerment that can be used in the jeweller business and helps emerging jewellery designers to grow their business.

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