10 Local Stores for Mac Repair in NYC

Machines are not prone to faults and errors. There is always a chance of malfunction whether it occurs because of weather or mishandling. The case becomes complicated it comes to expensive gadgets like Macbooks and smartwatches. If you choose to send your gadget back to the online store, the process might become irritated and very expensive. You might have to wait for a lot of days and if you reside outside of an area when Apple has no store, the process becomes even more nerve-wracking especially if you belong to the tech industry and you cannot keep your gadget away.

For this purpose, there are multiple experienced Computer repair shops in the town, especially in NYC. You can get a consultation and expert advice. They also provide services regarding gadget repairing if they feel a need to do so. You can ask them for refurbishing services also. In this article, we will discuss the best Mac repair shops where you can get your PC repaired in the most hassle-free manner and with the minimal cost incurred. Following are 10 best places that can do the magic:

1) SwiftLife Computers

SwiftLife being the best and most recommended Mac repair shop provides versatile services to its customers. You can ask for Operating System installation, Hard Drive/SSD Installation, Data Recovery Services, Virus & Malware Removal and above all laptop repair. You can always ask for expert advice and consultation if you are very much interested in refurbishing your laptop. SwiftLife offers custom PC repair services also. Your Macbook would be safe in hands of SwiftLife.

2) New York Computer Help

Keeping the current global pandemic situation in mind, New York Computer Help is providing some exceptional services along with Mac repair. You can ask for consultation services remotely in the most hassle-free manner within the comfort zone of your home. They have an onsite lab where they usually perform repairing the gadgets. This creates transparency between the customer and the company.

3) Exigent Technologies

Established in 1997, Exigent Technologies has one of the best and experienced Mac repairers and their experience speak when it comes to their services. Keeping the COVID-19 situation in mind, businesses like Exigent Technologies adapt to the changing trends swiftly. They started providing virtual assistance and if needed, they can ask you to come on-site for Mac repair. Here, they usually provide with the proper sanitization sprays during walking in the shop. You can consult them afterwards regarding your concerns. Exigent technologies have always stood on top for providing seamless services to its customers.

4) MacBook Repair NYC

MacBook Repair NYC is one of the most mature Mac repair shop in town with experienced staff. The staff is kind and they listen to you very keenly and patiently. You can always ask for Macbook pick and drop to and from your location and the staff members are known to provide their services very professionally. Customer satisfactory rate is comparatively high when it comes to Mac repair NYC shop due to their certified professionals.

5) Simple Mac and Phone Repair

Simple Mac and Phone Repair being the finest and most suggested Mac repair shop delivers multipurpose services to its clients. They also provide consultation sessions remotely in the most unproblematic manner on a phone call. They employ certified and skilled repairers. Hence, you need not worry about your Macbook because it will be handled professionally. In the case of customer unsatisfactory remarks, they usually reimburse some to all the cost that you have incurred.

6) Rossmann Repair Group

Rossmann Repair Group is one of the oldest in town and has been serving thousands of customers to date. They provide diverse services including but not limited to Mac repairing and other laptops repairing, custom refurbishing, consultation services and hassle-free in-person visits. One of the best things about Rossmann group is how well they have adapted to COVID-19 situation. You can contact them online or via phone call, you can ask for pick and drop off your gadget and you can do the contactless payment.

7) Comptechnyc

One of the best shops in town with a lot of positive reviews. You can visit their website where they have mentioned all the additional and primary services like Mac repairing and custom hard disk/SSD installation. People usually prefer to go over Comptechnyc because the staff fully understands your problem first. Most of the time it’s just because of a small bug or minor issue that resolved with minimal hassle. Other times, they listen to you first then quote their price which makes the whole experience satisfactory and just according to customer demand.


One of the most recommended and fastest services are provided by MACPC NYC and people seem to appreciate the work they are doing. They provide a lot of services like Digitizer/LCD repair, Camera/Speaker repair, battery replacement and above all they provide same day services with additional costs. You will only to pay an additional amount if you want your Mac repaired or another gadget to be diagnosed or consulted first. Their speciality is providing its customers with the fastest possible services.

9) Mike’s Tech Shop

Mike’s Tech Shop corresponds with Apple standards and employs professionally certified staff. They provide some brilliant services along with Mac repair. You can ask for consultation services virtually in the most unproblematic way within the ease of your household. They have an onsite lab where they provide all their services in front of their customers which creates a sense of transparency. Customer can overview the process and their suggestions are always welcomed.

10) Apple Repair Club

Apple Repair Club provides Mac repairing services and is currently not operating after the global pandemic situation. They are not providing consultation in person. But you can contact them for virtual assistance. You can get the best results and satisfactory remarks. Right now, Apple Repair Club has retained the title for providing efficient remote services.

There are many stores in New York where you can take your gadget especially your MacBook for consultation or fixation. Most of the stores employ certified professionals and your Mac will be in good hands!

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