In the US, teenagers are more willing to make money fast and become independent as soon as they can. I know you might be having less money than your needs. Improving your lifestyle as a teenager on your own money is your right.

It’s not hard to make money as a teenager if you’re skilled or ready to put a little to no effort to make money. Depending upon your seriousness to make money, there are hundreds of easy ways to make money as a teenager.

Make money as a Teenager in US

Following are the 100 ways to make money as a Teenager especially in the United States: –

  1. Mobile oil change + up-sell related items
  2. Start Podcast to earn money
  3. Make Money with Google AdSense
  4. Make money as a teenager by live streaming games on Facebook
  5. Make money doing small jobs on Fiverr
  6. Sell stock photos online to get money
  7. Resell products from Amazon locally online
  8. Digitize photo albums to make money
  9. Wash windows and get paid
  10. Buy, Sell, & Repair phones to make money
  11. Edit Videos for Youtubers to make money as a teenager
  12. Get paid for recycle
  13. Make money by reselling vintage clothing
  14. Make money by offering local services (painting houses and etc)
  15. Make money by selling food in school
  16. Earn money with Swagbucks
  17. Taking surveys for money
  18. Resell items on Amazon
  19. Rent out your car when it’s not in use
  20. Listing out your wardrobe
  21. Earn money as a proofreader
  22. User-testing websites
  23. Becoming a mystery shopper
  24. Getting paid to shop with Ibotta
  25. Teaching computer lingo to the older folks
  26. Online freelancing through Fiverr and Upwork
  27. Review songs to get paid
  28. Selling your designs on CafePress and Creative Market
  29. Creating YouTube videos
  30. Becoming an amateur referee
  31. Offering pet sitting services
  32. Starting a personal assistant business
  33. Creating Tumblr themes
  34. Become a babysitter
  35. Selling in-game items
  36. Selling old gadgets, DVDs and electronics
  37. Investing in the stock market
  38. Teaching fellow gamers
  39. or even just playing video games!
  40. Working as a camp counselor
  41. Becoming a freelance writer
  42. Start flipping sneakers
  43. Completing tasks on Amazon MTurk
  44. Selling makeup through Avon
  45. Earn money from opinions and reviews
  46. Gig work with Instawork
  47. Online customer services
  48. Managing social media accounts for businesses
  49. Organizing bake sales
  50. Selling your clothes on Poshmark
  51. Start online tutor classes with TakeLessons
  52. Monetizing your blog
  53. Teaching a foreign language
  54. Delivering groceries with Instacart
  55. Transcribing audio files
  56. Downloading the Qriket app
  57. Delivering food through DoorDash
  58. Installing Qmee on your browser
  59. Starting a mini-landscaping business
  60. Becoming a youth lifeguard
  61. Getting family and friends to use Boostapal
  62. Starting an ironing service from home
  63. Teaching English with Samespeak
  64. Renting out your video games
  65. Becoming a social media influencer
  66. Monitoring customer service calls
  67. Providing services through TaskRabbit

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