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Mall of America is the largest public mall and retail destination in the United States.  About 42 million people visit the Mall of America each year. Mall of America® alone contributes around $2 Billion to the whole economy of Minnesota State.

With the expense of an estimated $650 Million USD, it was designed and built-in 1992. The mall is now expanded to more facilities, attractions, and spaces with an additional $325 million cost.

It is known to be the great mall of America being the biggest mall ever designed in America yet. Around 374 statues of liberty can fit into this one great mall of America, referred to as MOA shortly.

It is designed to be adaptable for traditional and modern styles at the same time. You must spare at least 3 days to actually just visit it and not stay for more than 10 minutes at every spot.

Whether you are a shopaholic, a kid, a family guy, a fun lover, or a professional, Mall of America has everything in it for just about everyone.

MOA Mall Highlights

Occupying around 5.6 Million Sq. ft. space, it has 7 named floors including 4 on East & South Wings and 3 on North & West wings. As of 2020, Mall of America has 520 retail stores, 60 restaurants, and 2 full-service hotels inside it.

 It takes around 86 hours to completely visit Mall of America if the visitor spends a maximum of 10 minutes on each MOA store. Mall of America is always on the top list for tourists in Minnesota, USA.

MOA has in total of 11,000 employees on average every year and 13,000 in peak seasons.

Without sales tax in Minnesota overall, Mall of America with its 520 shopping stores is highly visited and shopped mall by the residents of Minnesota and other states as well.

It has two zip lines that are 6 stories high and they cross the entire park inside the mall.

The mall of America has a capacity of around 12,287 parking slots including two 7-story ramps and two overflow surface lots.

MOA Floors or Levels

Mall of America has attractive, appealing, and sleek 4 floors inside it. 1st and 2nd floor in MOA is dedicated to shopping except on Level 1 floor, Nickelodeon Universe, an amusement park, is located. The 3rd floor of MOA has a mixture of food courts, retail shops, and Mall of America restaurants. The last or 4th floor in MOA is smallest in size which attracts people for General Cinema and a movie theater on it and few other food restaurants.

Without being overwhelming, the great mall of America ensures an ample amount of sitting area, elevators, escalators, and even staircases too at all floor levels.

“The internal design seems fun as turning right 4 times into the avenue streets would not lead you to the starting position, though.”, mentions Racked.

Inside the MOA, there are not too many direction signs but on every floor corners, you’ll find the same signs to keep you on right track. It’s become an amazing journey when you discover shortcuts inside MOA mall. For example, you can reach to floor 1 more quickly by skipping Nickelogdeon directly by using Ferris Wheels inside it.

Is Mall of America Safe?

It is completely safe to visit and spend time in the Mall of America. Having the highest number of privately trained security forces in the malls of the United States as a whole. It provides you the safest environment to its visitors, guests, employees, and all tenants as well. It has its own highly trained counterterrorism units.

Mall of America Hours & Timings

The standard mall hours and timings are from 10:00 AM to 09:30 PM, for Monday to Saturday, Minnesota, US time. On Sunday, the timings are slightly different i-e: 11 AM to 7 PM. After 7 PM there are varieties of dining options of which timings can be confirmed via their official website.

Nickelodeon Universe has its own timings and maybe or may not be the same as MOA shop timings.

 MOA and Nickelodeon are closed until the 31st of March due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mall of America Location & Distance

It is situated right in Bloomington, Minnesota. The map address of Mall of America is 60 E Broadway, Bloomington, MN 55425, United States and its plus code is VQ35+W4 Bloomington, Fort Snelling Unorganized Territory, MN, United States.

An average visitor comes from at least 150 miles away while it also attracts 4/10 tourists on average.

Directions to Reach Mall of America

Mall of America has a clear pathway for tourists, Bloomington residents, and other state visitors. Getting into the mall is quite easy.

Try out Uber MOA pickup and dropout points in the Uber App. Uber is the official partner of Mall of America. Therefore it has made easier to reach MOA from just anywhere Bloomington.

On the other hand, if you need to lookup manual direction guide of MOA then, follow these directions to reach MOA easily:-

  • From North of Bloomington, take I-35 South to I-35W South to I-494 East and then exit on 24th Avenue S.
  • From South of Bloomington, take I-35 North to I-35W North to I-494 East and then exit on 24th Avenue S.
  • From West of Bloomington, take I-94 East to I-494 South to Highway 77 South and then exit on Killebrew Dr. or 81st Street/Lindau Lane.
  • From East of Bloomington, take I-94 West to I-494 South and then exit on 24th Avenue S.
  • From either of the Bloomington Airport terminals, take Hiawatha Line Route 55 and step out directly at the mall without stepping out. It usually takes 12 minutes to reach the MOA mall from the airport.
  • From Minneapolis, Hiawatha rail via Route 55 takes around 39 minutes from Downtown Street 5 to the Mall of America.
  • From ST. Paul, Hiawatha rail via Route 54 can be taken to reach MOA mall from 6th & 7th Downtown Street.

Mall of America Parking

MOA mall has around 12.6K parking slots for visitor’s vehicles. MOA has a systemized and controlled parking system having the 4 parking regions as follows:-

  • West Parking Ramp
  • North Parking Lot
  • East Parking Ramp
  • East Parking Lot – 82nd ST & 24th Avenue

You can find parking space in the Mall of America by simply visiting its parking page. It displays the available slots in each region with map guidance. Using the MyPark app, you can book a premium parking spot easily in MOA.

MOA Stores

Mall of America, being the largest shopping center in Minnesota, has 520 retail shops. The complete MOA store list can help you to discover all stores in the mall or specific store types in MOA mall.

Here are the best places to eat at the Mall of America with families, friends, couples, and tourist groups even. Amongst well known sweet shops, the Sugar factory MOA store has everything to give you sweet taste of delectable eats. Located in the midwest, Candytopia Mall of America has also attracted thousands of candy lovers from around the country.

The favorite of almost everyone, burgers shop, Wahlburgers Mall of America has everything to give you a fast food taste with drinks as well. Amongst all other top mall of America shops, you would find Debut, owned by Mall of America, to be one-stop-shop for clothing.

There is no sales tax added to your shopping invoice when you shop from MOA clothing stores.

Mall of America Amenities

MOA mall has 4 family amenities including family restrooms, mother’s room to spend time with their young babies, toddler Tuesdays, and storage lockers as well. It also has the car and parking amenities including the main parking area, valet, my park, LYFT service, and car washing & maintenance service.

MOA has personal styling services for everyone as well. Besides this, it has a special service for lost items or found items. Visitors can report their lost items or submit the found items to their staff.

For disabled people, it also provides them with strollers and wheelchairs that can be used inside the mall throughout their time there.

Amazon lockers, attraction passes, and coupon books are also available in MOA throughout the mall timings.

Mall of America Attractions & Amusements

MOA has multiple attraction points for its visitors, guests, and tourists. MOA mall has the largest mirror mazes in the world. The Nickelodeon Universe drives the majority of the entertainment loving audience to Mall of America.

When it comes to entertainment, the Mall of America has 12 wonderful attractions:-

  1. Nickelodeon Universe
  2. CMX Market Cinema Experience
  3. Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium Experience
  4. MOA Crayola Experience
  5. Flyover America
  6. The Lego Store MOA
  7. Rock of Ages Blacklight Minigolf in MOA
  8. Moose Mountain Adventure Golf
  9. The Escape Game in MOA
  10. 5D Extreme Attraction by Matrix Technology
  11. XD Ride MOA
  12. The Void MOA

Online booking and pass buying are available to enjoy the tour and attractions there. Planned trips are always the best to tour the mall. Trip advisors and tour guides are readily available and can be contacted via MOA official website.

No doubt the Mall of America has so much to discover, but these places must be your one-stop according to your mood and preference.

Smaaash MOA has been shut down which was a great spot of Artificial Reality entertainment attraction built on around 44,000 sq. ft. inside MOA. No doubt, it was a great spot for arcade games in real game-playing environment.

Nickelodeon Universe in Mall of America

Nickelodeon is a wonderful 7-acre amusement park inside MOA. Having 27+ wonderful rides & attractions for tourists, families, and kids MOA Nikelogdeon Universe has become the most visited attraction place by tourists and kids in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Nickelodeon Universe is a great amusement park right at the center of level 1 floor. From about 27 fun rides, kids and thrill loving adults can enjoy inversions, park view rides, 90-degree drops, and airtime as well.

Pre-bookings are normally required to take a tour of all attractions or amusement points. You can plan for single day or multiple days rides. Passes for multiple amusement sections or packaged spots. Instant bookings are also available but, due to rush pre-bookings and planned trips are always suitable to visit Mall of America.

MOA Chapel of Love

Chapel of love is the wedding space for couples to get married or engaged in the Mall of America. Since it opened, around 7000 couples engaged and married in MOA’s and celebrated their soul meeting in the mall.

Mall of America Aquarium & Sea Life

MOA has around 1.2 Million Gallon of water aquariums.  It’s the biggest aquarium in Minnesota, USA. Having thousands of sea creatures, sharks, and jellyfishes, it amuses you at another level. You can take the tour of the whole Sea Life Aquarium via a 300ft long Ocean tunnel inside it.

Mall of America Events

MOA arranges multiple events to keep its visitors engaged and delightful.

There are 6 regular events arranged by MOA while on daily basis there could be multiple events that are updated on their events pages every day.

  • MOA Toddler Tuesdays Event
  • Livewell Event in MOA
  • MOA Mall Stars Event
  • MOA Music in the Mall Event
  • MOA Universe of Light Event
  • Kaleidoscope Event

Everything Nearby Mall of America

Around MOA, you would find everything to live and get connected with MOA.

Hotels near Mall of America

Anyone who has planned a trip to MOA or a tourist would love staying nearby it. JW Marriot Minneapolis and Radisson Blu Mall of America hotels are within walking distance to MOA. There are multiple hotels near the Mall of America that you must consider. Both of the hotels are quite great when it comes to amenities, pricing, and dining.

Myths about Mall of America

Though MOA has so much in it, still there are many rumors about Mall of America. Mall of America does not have its own zip code instead it resides inside the area covered by 55425 postal code in Bloomington, Minnesota. Until now, it is not confirmed that MOA has more submarines than the total in Canada.

MOA Green Initiatives & Future Works

Being the largest and fastest-growing mall in America, MOA has taken steps to reduce environmental pollution, plastic and food waste, and increase recycling wherever it is possible.

It has a completely zero central heating system inside the mall except on the entrances; rather it totally relies on solar light, body heat, and internal lights to maintain a 70F degree of the temperature inside the mall.

Mall of America nearly produces biodiesel fuel of around 4K pounds every year from the leftover fryer fats.

MOA is about to divert at least 50% of construction waste to directly recycling units instead of landfills which increases land pollution. Mall of America shall setup the transport system of a 500-mile radius system to reduce transportation impact on the environment.

Mall of America is undergoing changes to reduce indoor air contaminants and add more water-efficient plants to reduce at least 50% of potable water used for the existing plants.

Getting help in Great MOA Mall

You can keep our this great mall of America guide handy to discover everything new and updated in the mall.

On the other side, MOA text support can help you instantly which is available by texting to their text concierge number 1-952-479-4839. If you’re stuck somewhere inside MOA mall or have lost or found something, text to 1-952-479-4839 MOA number.

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