List of Best Online Grocery Shops in the USA

Whether you’re busy at home, too tired to shop, or want to save time, the best online grocery shopping sites are incredibly convenient and time-saving. The US is the largest market in the world where people buy groceries online. Increasing numbers of people prefer mobile applications for food delivery because they also offer discount coupons and app-only deals and saves a lot of your time and energy that you can utilize somewhere else. 

Plan your monthly grocery budget first and then, shop from online grocery stores easily. Below are the 10 best websites from where you can buy online groceries.

Walmart Grocery Store

Walmart grocery is one of the 1st top rated online shopping and e-grocery store in USA. Walmart certainly has everything you need at a decent price, including a large range of food, personal care products, and home essentials. 

Using the website or the Walmart Grocery app to shop by store or check for anything specific. Walmart provides free same-day shopping at the selected Walmart location. Home delivery requires a total sales price of $35, and shipping costs differ as per the time period.

If you plan for the grocery on a weekly or monthly basis you can list down the grocery and can place your order online. Without any doubt, Walmart’s grocery store is the best store to shop online.

Amazon Pantry/ Amazon Fresh

Amazon Pantry provides all the household needs you use every day. These can be cosmetics and fruits, cereals, and herbs and toiletries. Amazon New, on the other side, sells fruits, herbs, and various forms of meat. 

So, anything you need fresh is available online at Amazon. Moreover, if you purchase the same products on daily basis, you will get a discount on the purchase. Amazon Fresh delivers orders on a very short period to guarantee the shipment gets to you as quickly as possible and so that your regular needs are catered by Amazon. The filters on the website can be used to make it easier for you to search for your desired product and place your order in less time.


Instacart is regarded as the most popular startup company in the USA. Instacart does not directly sell the products. However, it operates as an aggregator to several independent, medium, and big online grocery stores.

You can visit Instacart and select one or two shops of your choice to put a joint order. You get better chances to save on your shopping bills. Shipping costs differ based on time ranges, inventory, and busy hours, but with an Instacart Express $99 yearly subscription, you’ll get free delivery for any orders above $35. You can also assign delivery timings.


FreshDirect is all about fresh food, one of the biggest supermarkets online. It includes seafood, vegetables, beef, poultry, pork, and dairy products which taste finest when fresh with a small supply chain, dealing directly with local growers, dairies, fishermen, and other food providers. 

FreshDirect is only accessible in limited sites along the East Coast. Delivery price varies but a six-month FreshDirect DeliveryPass membership of $79 offers you daily free deliveries as well as the option to allocate potential delivery time slots.


With GoBio, you can stock up a wide selection of healthy and kosher ingredients to cook and bake. The site delivers high-quality organic food ingredients to the US and Canada, with free delivery for orders above $85. The site aims to provide the best ingredients so that people can use these products in cooking and baking the best cuisines.

The site also offers free recipes to the people. The filters on the website save the users time in searching for the desired product. You can adjust the filter according to your requirement and start shopping from the website. 


ShopFoodEx sells over 15,000 items for groceries and households to shop by category or to search by company or product. You can make lists, find seasonal sales, and buy a wide selection of products from the supermarket. The great thing about the website is that the products they offer are outstanding packaging.

They also provide the finest customer support and offer the products at incredibly decent rates. There is no minimum purchase price limitation making it easier for buyers to buy from the lowest to the maximum rates whenever they want. This grocery site allows you to check out as a guest user without needing to create a user account, which is great if you are in a hurry.


LocalHarvest aims to link consumers with producers in their neighborhoods who are searching for new, sustainable, farm-to-table produce, and goods. You can search Local Harvest’s online website to find local food, farm events, and farmer-grown primary products.

You can shop by category to save your time. Delivery fees for LocalHarvest change over time as per seller and subscription options. The best thing about the website is that it sells locally grown food which makes sure that no food is imported. This is a good step to boost the economy and help the local producers flourish. Moreover, the website also offers its customers the pickup option for some products. 


Sears is ranked as the 3rd most visited and used grocery store in America. Not only does Sears allow the Americans to shop for their needs, but it also welcomes non-US residents. It also allows any overseas credit/ debit card may be used to make purchases. 

Sears also delivers to more than 100 countries across the globe. With Sears, you will be guaranteed of the best quality items irrespective of your location.

Kmart Online

Kmart is one of the US online grocery store’s largest competitors. Kmart has everything in huge stock and no matter what food commodity you’re searching for Kmart will provide you. Kmart Online provides three forms of distribution services in addition to regular bargains.

You can also pick up your order from the nearest Kmart outlet. You can have your order delivered to you at your doorstep in a short time. In fact, with Kmart, you can send you grocery products and other items to your family and friends abroad as a gift.


Safeway delivers items of high quality from its major store at the lowest available prices. Safeway which was established from a single location now has 2,200 locations in 33 states. This is the largest network that provides over 275,000 people employment. 

The website features a broad variety of items and various recipes that you can browse. It also offers weekly packages to its customers. 

These are the online websites from where you can shop for groceries and other products online.

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