List of best Universities for Psychology in the US

Psychology is one of the most fascinating and critical career areas of today. It is learning about how our minds function, and why the actions we do occurs. With technological advancement, some areas are still neglected and in this developing era, as people still prefer their physical health over mental health which is harmful to society, we are living in. In this situation, people look for their physical wellbeing which is why many people around the globe are facing severe depression. This needs to be catered by increasing the supply of psychologists in the world. If you’re interested in a career in psychology that investigates how the mind functions and helps people get better mental health then you should get a degree in psychology as it is now one of the most demanding careers in the world. 

You can find out about the 10 best universities in the USA that offer degrees in psychology by reading our today’s article.

Stanford University

Stanford is one of the largest campuses in the United States, located on 8,180 acres, with 18 interdisciplinary research institutes and seven colleges on a single campus. Stanford has an overwhelming foreign student population, with learners studying from over 90 countries. 

The psychology department of the university was the first department to be founded and continues to be a birthplace for innovative, real-world-impact theoretical work. It is divided into five areas: research, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, social psychology, and psychology for development. As part of an effort to increase participation in interdisciplinary programs, psychology students will have the opportunity to work with several other departments at Stanford, such as medicine, law, and business.

The undergraduate program offers an opportunity for every student to apply stringent scientific methods to the study of human behavior. Students complete a 70-unit major in psychology that explores: The study of learning and memory, Cognitive neuroscience, Abnormal psychology, Clinical psychology. Requires students to complete 45 psychology courses; these courses include main, laboratory, and independent study classes. Ph.D. students concentrate on study in one of the five disciplines of the department and have to complete 8–10-course units per quarter before the end of their fourth year.

Address: 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305, United States

Contact: +1 650-723-2300

UCL (University College London)

The prestigious UCL was established in London in 1826 and is a leading multidisciplinary university. It is highly recognized for its academic excellence and global impact. It has more than 38,000 students coming from more than 150 countries. 

It is one of the country’s oldest universities and the first to offer women admissions, as well as the first to open its doors to students from all faiths. The Psychology and Language Sciences Division of UCL is the largest department of its kind in the UK, with over 120 academic staff and some 1,500 students. 

The British Psychological Society accredits the undergraduate program at UCL, and students are qualified to become members. There are more than 20 Master’s programs available in psychology, including business psychology, neuroscience, decision science, and interaction between the human and computer.

Address: Gower St, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 6BT, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7679 2000

University of Pennsylvania 

The University of Pennsylvania, a private Ivy League research university in West Philadelphia, is one of the earliest universities in the US, formed in 1740. It’s Psychology Department which is popular among undergraduate students offers fascinating and creative courses such as ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ that discuss the psychological and theoretical dimensions of well-being, and how people can use these approaches for their feelings of happiness.

University graduate research focuses on either the study of the brain, cognitive and decision-making or behavioral, constructive, and social psychology. There are many renowned professors at the Department of Psychology, including Martin E.P. Seligman (a positive psychology pioneer), Jonathan Baron, Angela Duckworth, Robert Kurzban, and Sara Jaffee.

Faculty leaders allow all undergraduate majors to complete independent research projects which are supervised by the faculty. The university does not offer a complete master’s degree while students who complete the doctoral program’s first year may qualify for a Master of Arts degree. The university also provides combined Marketing / Psychology J.D./Ph. D., Ph.D., and M.D./Ph. D.

Address: Philadelphia, PA 19104, United States

Contact: +1 215-898-5000

University of Chicago

Chicago University is a private university that was established in the early 1800s is home to the country’s largest university newspaper, the University of Chicago Press. The student body here is around 16,000. 

Today the Psychology Department has research strengths in psychiatry and developmental psychology and offers some of the finest undergraduate and graduate psychology programs in the world. Several undergraduates of the department completed honors studies in faculties laboratories in the past few years.

Chicago University offers a comprehensive baccalaureate in psychology focusing on feeling and perception, as well as cognitive, behavioral, developmental, and social psychology.

The department of psychology does not have a terminal master’s degree, but it does offer two master’s programs that could attract students of psychology: a Master of Arts (M.A.) of social sciences with a specialization in psychology, and an M.A. The second degree enables students to adapt their research to fields of neuroscience such as statistical and quantitative methods.

Address: 5801 S Ellis Ave, Chicago, IL 60637, United States

Contact: +1 773-702-1234

Princeton University

Princeton University, a private Ivy League college, is a leading academic center offering programs run through 37 academic departments. The Department of Psychology is home to world-famous psychologists such as Daniel Kahneman, Susan Fiske, and Jonathan Cohen, and concentrates on research areas such as neuroscience, behavioral economics, and social cognition. 

The Department works closely with the Center for the Study of Brain, Mind, and Behavior, which promotes research on neuroscience and psychological function. The graduate program focuses exclusively on preparing each student for a Ph.D. and working as a psychologist. Specializations for doctoral students involve behavioral economics, developmental psychology, cognitive neuroscience, perception, and cognition.

Address: Princeton, NJ 08544, United States

Contact: +1 609-258-3000

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan remains the oldest university in the state and one of the leading research institutions in the United States. Michigan, a three-campus institution, enrolls approximately 60,000 students in 275 programs administered through 19 colleges and schools. The Department of Psychology in Michigan covers a broad range of areas, such as Clinical Science, Biopsychology, Personality, and Social Context, Gender and Feminist Psychology. 

The school offers a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Biopsychology, cognition, and Neuroscience (BCN). The BCN program provides an innovative curriculum that examines human behavior through cognitive science, neuroscience, and evolutionary sciences. The BCN prepares students for graduate school or post-graduate research.

The Department’s graduate program, part of one of the nation’s best schools of psychology, also includes an accelerated master’s program.

Address: 500 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, United States

Contact: +1 734-764-1817

University of California – Berkeley

Some of the brightest minds in the world have been educated at UC Berkeley and have made great contributions in areas such as immunotherapy, malaria treatment, robotics, and psychology. The Department of Psychology of Berkeley ranks among the best for its highly regarded teaching and cutting-edge research. Its best faculty members include pioneering psychologist Susan Ervin-Tripp and psychologists Robert Levenson and Dacher Keltner.

With faculty supervision, freshmen can participate in original independent research at one of the nation’s best schools of psychology. The Berkeley Graduate Program is a five-year Ph.D. program that yields scholar-researchers in one of the six training units of the Department.

Address: Berkeley, CA, United States

Contact: +1 510-642-6000

Yale University

Yale University is a private Ivy League institution that is still the third-oldest college in the United States. The Yale Department of Psychology has a distinguished history; its faculty members include the late William Kessen and Carl Hovland, as well as experimental psychologists Allan Wagner and Paul Bloom.

The Yale Department of Psychology consists of five study programs: cognitive, clinical, developmental, social/personal, and neuroscience. The program also offers a neuroscience track that requires extra coursework. All undergraduates engaged in research can take part in impartial courses of study as early as their sophomore years. 

Yale ‘s graduate program includes Ph.D. students who’ve been planning to carry out research in one of the five concentration areas of the Department. As among the best colleges for psychology, Yale produces scientists who are prepared to be both academic and applied researchers.

Address: New Haven, CT 06520, United States

Contact: +1 203-432-4771

New York University

New York University is a private university founded in 1831 and is a well-known university due to its academic excellence. The university enrolls about 50,000 students at its Manhattan locations and campuses in Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. The faculty members of the Department of Psychology focus on research in areas such as cognition and perception, social psychology, Psychopathology, and Neuroscience.

The Department of Psychology offers one of the school’s most widely known baccalaureate degrees. Students may also take part in independent research at faculty labs and engage in the Honors Program. as being one of the nation’s best schools of psychology, NYU offers a flexible Master of Arts (M.A.) that allows students to choose areas of focus such as forensic psychology, social psychology, or neuroscience.

Students interested in business psychology can register in the M.A. In the field of industrial and organizational psychology. The School’s Ph.D. offers majors in cognition and perception and also in social psychology.

Address: New York, NY 10003, United States

Contact: +1 212-998-1212

Columbia University

Since its creation 250 years ago, Columbia University has remained one of the world’s most recognized centers of education and research. Columbia, which educates 32,000 students, presides over one of the oldest and most influential departments of psychology in the United States. currently, the Department offers a Bachelor’s degree with a major in Psychology or a major in Neuroscience.

This latter program is a collaborative effort between the Departments of Psychology and Biological Sciences. Qualified undergraduates can lay hands-on research experience from lab work with supervised research work or a two-year honors program from the university. However, Columbia University does not offer a terminal master’s program.

Address: New York, NY 10027, United States

Contact: +1 212-854-1754

This concludes the list of best universities for psychology in the USA where you can apply for higher studies and gain experience in different branches of psychology. Moreover, if you are a resident of Alaska there are best universities in Alaska which are ranked among the best universities in the USA. You can read about them from our website Exploreitdaily.

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