7 Best Restaurants in Savannah, GA: Timings, Locations & Contact

USA restaurants, malls, and amusement parks are popular among tourists worldwide. Savannah is the well-known community in Georgia having the best places to eat. People around the globe come and enjoy the Savannah food.

Savannah has many restaurants and places to enjoy Southern taste eateries. You’ll find a wide variety of delicious foods. There are many restaurants in Savannah that offers great menu. Most restaurants in Savannah are ambient and have friendly environment. If you’re new to Savannah and you don’t know the restaurant offerings and timings, then let me tell you that Savannah is a hub of amazing restaurants. You’ll get many 24/7 Open restaurants in Savannah. Whenever you feel hungry or whatever is your taste mood, you’ll get the best food there.

I’ve curated and reviewed some of the best restaurants in Savannah. You must try these restaurants even if you are US mate like me or a tourist.

Olde Pink House Restaurant, Savannah

 Olde Pink House, Savannah
Olde Pink House Restaurant Dining View, Savannah

Olde Pink House, also known as Pink House, is one of the best restaurants in Savannah. It is a fine dining restaurant having a wide variety of food. Olde Pink House is quite popular for its delicious seafood. Olde Pink House menu includes dinner meals, lunch meals, bar & drinks, and desserts.

Majority of the people who have visited Olde Pink House and experienced its eateries review it 4.5 to 5 star restaurant in Savannah. Olde Pink house restaurant is known for its excellent services, serving, and food quality. Pink House is an old restaurant and has made a good name in the food industry.

People who look for an awesome light music environment with a great ambiance, can find this place best choice for food sitting. Olde Pink House specials include “Pink Lady”, “Planter’s Punch”, “Green Chile Bloody Mary”, and more customized eateries.

Olde Pink House Location: 23 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA 31401

Contact: (912) 232-4286

Timings: Tue-Thu: (11 am–2:30 pm, 5–10:30 pm), Fri-Sat: (1 am–2:30 pm, 5–11 pm), Sun-Mon: ( 5–10:30 pm)

The Pirate’s House Restaurant, Savannah

The Pirate’s House, Savannah:
Historical Pirates House Restaurant in Savannah

The Pirates House restaurant is quite popular in Savannah for its traditional eateries and the ambiance. The restaurant was established in 1753. The Pirates House, Savannah has a pirate theme all over the restaurant.

The Pirate House restaurant in Savannah has a historic environment but, the offerings are not that old. The prices are bit higher than other similar restaurants but, the good thing is great food quality in this price.

Among other restaurants in Savannah, Pirate House restaurant is full of wonders. The Pirate house restaurant has so many rooms and you can even play a hide and seek game. I’m kidding but, its true. It has also a fenced off underground tunnel as well.

Some people took it as just a seafood restaurant but, its not true. It offers you chicken meals and soups full of flavors.

The Pirate House Restaurant Location: 20 E Broad St, Savannah, GA 31401

Contact: (912) 233-5757

Timings: Mon-Thu, Sun: ( 11 am–9:30 pm), Fri-Sat: ( 11 am–10 pm)

The Grey Restaurant, Savannah

The Grey, Savannah

The Grey restaurant was established in 1938 and owned by Johno Morisano and Chef Mashama Bailey. They have always catered to customer’s requirements as they have a professional chef who adds delicious taste in the food. The Grey, Savannah menu has 5 categories which include Dinner, Diner bar, Wine and Cocktail.

The Grey restaurant in Savannah is a American restaurant that specializes in Southern eats. They offer variety of Southern food flavors, all under a refurbished bus depot style restaurant. Though they offer small plates but, they’re almost enough to have them as a one time meal. The steaks are also finely served and you’ll also love their tasty soups. The cocktails at The Grey restaurant are so delicious.

It’s one of the full of amenities restaurants in Savannah. It has wheelchair accessible options, transgender sittings, and also a great place for groups.

The Grey restaurant reservations are also open via their phone and website contact.

The restaurant is well decorated with artistic designs. Chef Mashama is quite an expert in making Southern Food which makes people a fan of this restaurant. The Grey Savannah dress code is smart casual. From over 1000 reviews by its fans and first-time customers, it has been rated as 4.7/5 star restaurant in Savannah.

Location: 109 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Savannah, GA 31401

Contact: (912) 662-5999

Timings: Tue-Thu: (4–11 pm), Fri-Sat: (12 pm–12 am), Sun: (12-10 pm), Mon: (Closed)

The Collins Quarter Restaurant, Savannah

The Collins Quarter, Savannah:
The Collins Quarter Restaurant in Savannah

The Collins Quarter, at Forsyth and Bull Street, is a well-known cafe in Savannah. Collins Quarter restaurant in Savannah is known for its espresso drinks, beer, wine, and Australian-accented meals.

The Collins Quarter offers you with hard liquor, alcoholic drinks, and beer as well. Besides it, it has healthy and vegetarian food options too. The tea, desserts, and wine selection is great in Collins Quarter, Savannah.

Usually groups and tourists visit this restaurant while it also has solo dining options. The overall environment is cozy and romantic while people who need an upscale environment also find this place a great choice.

Collins Quarter, Savannah reservations also available for a maximum of 20 people. Onsite restaurant, you might have to wait little bit longer. No deliveries and takeout options are available in Collins Quarter restaurant in Savannah.

Collins Quarter Bull Street Location : 151 Bull St, Savannah, GA 31401

Contact: +1 (912) 777-4147

Timings: Mon-Tue: (6:30 am – 3:00 pm), Wed-Sun: (6:30 am – 9:30 pm)

Huey’s Restaurant, Savannah

Huey's On The River
Huey’s Restaurant Indoor View, Savannah

Huey’s is an American restaurant that serves New Orleans cuisines. It is known for its distinctive seafood dishes & soups.

Huey’s restaurant is situated on the The River street Savannah. It has both indoor and outdoor seating area. Riven view can be seen through outdoor seating area.

The food quality is acceptable but, you may feel uncomfortable with seating management. Kids menu is also available at Huey’s restaurant so you can enjoy with family as well. Though it has a romantic view for couples, but is more likely a family environment when it comes to its internal area.

Huey’s restaurant reservations can be made via call. You might experience little bit wait in getting your food prepared onsite. Huey’s Savannah menu includes Brunch, Dinner and Wine’s list. Huey’s Savannah brunch menu doesn’t change frequently so you find it easier next time to order same food again.

Location: 115 E River St, Savannah, GA 31401

Contact: (912) 234-7385

Timings: Mon-Thu: (7 am–10 pm), Fri: (7 am–11 pm), Sat: ( 8 am–11 pm), Sun: (8 am–10 pm)

Mrs. Wilkes, Savannah

Mrs. Wilkes, Savannah dishes
Mrs Wilkes Restaurant Food, Savannah

Mrs. Wilkes restaurant is located at 107 West Jones St. Sema Morris Wilkes, the owner of this restaurant died in 2003. He was quite popular due to his remarkable skills in Southern-style cooking. Mrs, Wilkes, Savannah has great seating arrangements and a family-friendly environment.

Mrs. Wilkes menu consists of two sections which include Meats and Veggies. The specialty of this restaurant is its menu, which changes daily. There are more than 1500 Mrs. Wilkes restaurant reviews on the internet, the majority of them rated 4-5 stars due to their delicious food, its variety, and juicy taste.

The food offerings are unlimited. You’ll find everything that you can eat here. Additionally, great tea selections with the everyday something great can be made and ordered easily in restaurant. Mostly tourists and groups visit Mrs. Wilkes restaurant in Savannah.

No reservations are accepted in Mrs. Wilkes restaurant yet. The payment form is cash only.

Location: 107 W Jones St, Savannah, GA 31401

Contact: (912) 232-5997

Timings: Mon-Fri: (11 am–2 pm), Sat-Sun: (Closed)

Alligator Soul Restaurant, Savannah

Alligator Soul Restaurant:
Alligator Soul Restaurant Onsite View, Savannah

Alligator Soul, Savannah is owned by Maureen Craig and Hilary and was established in 2003. This restaurant prefers handmade dishes with local ingredients. These local ingredients do the magic and develop epic tasty and healthy food. Alligator soul is based in a warehouse that has a great ambiance. People can have a fine dining restaurant experience here.

The Alligator Soul menu is seasonal. Many new eateries are updated as per the season. Menu is having 4 sections: Dinner, Cocktails, Wines, and Desserts. The Alligator’s Soul restaurant in Savannah is historic, a right place for tourists to visit. For Savannah, Georgia residents, it has an upscale, cozy, and romantic environment with a traditional restaurant look.

It has been rated 4.6/5 stars on average by its visitors and customers. The service quality and serving is quiet appreciative. The prices a bit higher for the small food portions that’re served in Alligator Soul’s restaurant.

Alligator Soul reservations open for only Sunday-Thursday 5-8 pm, Friday and Sunday 5-9 pm.

Location: 114 Barnard St, Savannah, GA 31401

Contact: (912) 232-7899

Timings: Mon-Sun: (5-10 pm)

Living in Georgia facilitates you with many attractions, restaurants, malls, parks and much more. Besides Savannah historical and romantic restaurants, try these top restaurants in Atlanta whenever you visit Atlanta.

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