15 Best Things to do in Adirondacks, New York

The Adirondacks is a sequence of 5 million-year-old foothills situated in the north of New York City. The Adirondack Mountains region is home to more than 2,000 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, over 3,000 bodies of water, and 1,200 miles of rivers running through it. The region stretches from North Albany to North Syracuse and up to the Canadian bord providing with a lot of things to do in Adirondacks that we will be discussing shortly.

Whether you are looking up places for family’s upcoming winter vacations; the best places to go in December in the USA or just a peaceful spot to relax, Adirondacks is the dream destination. So, fasten your seatbelts because the idea of spending vacations in Adirondacks going to be a wild and scary ride!

Below are the 15 things to do in Adirondacks:

1. Lake Placid Olympic Center

Lake Placid is an excellent place for a family vacation. In Upstate New York, Lake Placid is the focus of adventure activities. Lake Placid is known to host not only one but two Olympic games. Things to do in Adirondacks includes epic rides at Lake Placid or you may try your hand at ski-jumping for which Lake Placid is famous for. Lake Placid Olympic Center is the best place to travel in December for warm weather because of the on going entertaining activities and crowd.

In Lake Placid, there are some great hotels and resorts also. The most famous one is the Golden Arrow Resort located on Mirror Lake. It might be the best thing to do in Adirondacks since generation and hosts popular restaurants for tourists.

2. Whiteface Mountain

For the most attractive views in the Adirondacks, Whiteface Mountains have no comparison.

They are located near Lake Placid. There are many things to do in the Adirondacks especially on the White Mountains. Whiteface Mountain serves as one of the top places to visit in November in the USA for skiing. However, during the summer season, Whiteface Mountain is best for an eccentric road trip. After a long drive of thousands of miles, you’d usually end up at the feet of a castle!

A slender, vertical hike on the mountains takes you to one of the most picturesque places in the Adirondacks. People usually spend the afternoon here, lying on the rocky peak and looking down on Lake Placid from 4,449 ft above sea level. People usually combine both the places at Whiteface Mountains and Lake Placid if you are looking for a stay. After all, you will find yourself with a lot of heavenly views, hospitality, and things to do in Adirondacks.

3. High Falls Gorge

If you are looking for an easy but adventurous experience to add up in a list of things to do in Adirondacks, High Falls Gorge is waiting for you.

The series of tracks brings companions on a stunning 30-minute gorge experience where beautiful waterfalls and natural scenery border them.

Even with the pathways and bridges, the scene can make even the boldest voyager’s heart skip a beat.

4. The Wild Center Tupper Lake NY

It is not possible that the Wild Center Lake is not on the list of every visitor who wishes to visit Adirondacks. It’s definitely one of the best things to do in Adirondacks.

The Wild Center is a must place for families looking for things to do in the Adirondacks. The Tupper Lake Wild Center is part museum and science center and part adventure park. The famous Instagram Wild Walk is one of the most popular parts of the Wild Center, but this beautiful Adirondacks attraction has so much more to offer and is the best place to visit in December with family.

This treetop viewing is a pictorial spectacle. Wild Center is not only a Lake but an activity center for recreational activities also. It provides a massive observing platform shaped like a bird’s nest. Your list of things to do in Adirondacks would be incomplete without having ample walk-through tree house filled with informative data about the wildlife of the area. The great thing about The Wild Center is that it is situated in the middle of town which gives you an opportunity to check out all of the other fun things to do in Tupper Lake with ease.

5. Ausable Chasm in Au Sable NY

It’s difficult to keep sitting at the same place and not wander around in Ausable Chasm. Your list of things to do in Adirondacks is never complete without visiting Ausable Charm in Au Sable. The beautiful Ausable Chasm has running rivers, glaciers, and a lot of other natural attractions in Upstate New York. For kids, there is a scary trail with hanging bridges that crosses the Ausable river. The lush green valley and scenic beauty of Ausable Chasm also have whitewater rides passing through the Grand Flume giving tourists a taste in cool water rafting.

6. Revolution Rail in North Creek

Revolution Rail Co. in North Creek is one of the exclusive things to do in Adirondacks. The railroad takes you along the Hudson River and passes through the scenic Adirondack. People usually relax by the Hudson before turning their bikes around.

Beautiful weather and blue skies made our trip even more delightful. But I guess even with the bad weather, the beauty of Adirondacks can always cast a spell on visitors.

7. Schroon Lake Region

The versatility at Adirondacks allows us to experience small-town life in the Adirondacks. The Schroon Lake Region is a picturesque region of the Adirondacks in Upstate New York. The area is perfect for boating, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities. For leaf-lovers, things to do in Adirondacks includes visiting the Schroon Lake during the fall to catch the explosion of color and rent a boat for personal or family visits to the Lake.

8. Lake George

Bike riders are welcomed at Adirondacks because Lake George holds a special event for them. A visit to Lake George is one of the most exquisite things to do in Adirondacks. Lake George has sleepy inhabitants but they turn into active residents during the summer. The reason being the hustle and bustle there, windy weather, and scenic beauties. The town reaches to the peak crazy season during different events like the Americade rally that is organized around June.

Lake is a paradise in its true sense and holds the title for special and best lakes in the Adirondacks. The town also shares the scenic beauty of Niagara Fall with its clear blue water. Lake George also offers some of the best hiking trails for curious walking souls and definitely do not leave them behind with their list of what things to do in Adirondacks.

9. Saranac Lake

Saranac Lake is a moderately small urban area in Upstate New York and adds value to your list of what things to do in Adirondacks. But it has a big demand for people looking to seek the monotonous routine of the big cities. The natural beauty and delicious food festivals are two of the main reasons why Lake Saranac continues to be a demanding destination in the Adirondacks. Besides this, you’ll love checking out amazing tourist attractions in New York, this year.

10. Fort Ticonderoga

Fort Ticonderoga is an old French fort where tourists are likely to be wandering learning about America’s history. The fort holds the record for standing against 5 battles during 2 wars. Modernization efforts began in the early 1800s. Things to do in Adirondacks include visiting Fort Ticonderoga as it is one of the utmost famed historical charms in the Adirondacks. It is a center of the museum, re-enactments, and regular programs that are fun to be a part of.

11. Blues Berry Bakery

Another interesting thing to do in Adirondacks is to visit the most famous bakery. Rainer Schnaars had an innate bakery art for years and called his bakery after his favorite band, the Blue Brothers. The bakery provides a place for freshly baked items ranging from slices of bread to cakes is where the bearded 49-year-old creates pastries like flaky apple strudel or a decadent Black Forest cherry cake. It is the best place to travel in December 2020 to cherish some sweet confectionaries.

12. Olympic Sports Complex

The Olympic sports complex is known for housing multiple cultural and historical events handling a lot of crowds. There’s also a network of cross-country ski trails passing nearby adding other things to do in Adirondacks’ list. Games and other recreational activities are mind refreshing when you are visiting Adirondacks with family. It’s definitely the cheapest places to travel in December.

13. Lake Placid Pub & Brewery

Things to do in the Adirondacks are not only limited to traveling only. If you are a pub lover and want to spend your evening at the nearby bars, Lake Placid Pub and Brewery is the best place to gather at sunset to sip a Ubu Ale or a Lake Placid IPA. The brewery has won several awards and is rated as one of the warm places to travel in December.

14. Olympic Regional Development Authority

Another thing to do in Adirondacks includes choosing from dozens of active pursuits. Two notable activities are: Strapping into a bobsled (equipped with blades in the winter, and wheels in the summer), or riding a gondola up Whiteface Mountain and hiking down to the lake shores.

15. Mount Jo

Located at the central place in Adirondacks, a great choice for beginners is to start from Mount Jo to get an idea of rocky location. There are many things to do in Adirondacks on Mount Jo. Local guides are always available to assist if needed.

New couples must give a chance to visit these places especially known for couples who want to enjoy their vacation time.

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