5 Best Things To Do In Albany, NYC

Albany is the capital of New York and the largest city which has many fun things to do in Albany, NY. If you are living in Albany and looking for places where you can visit and enjoy your weekend or vacation then there are many things to do in Albany that will make your weekend or vacation awful. Albany is rich with so many attractions and places that are popular all over the US. If you are willing to plan a trip with your kids then Albany doesn’t have a lack of places to visit. We are going to list 5 best things to do in Albany that will swing your mood and turn your visit into a memorable thing you did in your life.

Egg performing Arts Center

The Egg Performing Arts Center is located in Albany, NY, and was started establishing in 1966. Egg performing Arts Center is quite famous due to its artistic architecture that describes a tradition of New York. This art center is under the hands of Empire State Plaza and they are managing it in a great way. The Egg Performing Arts Center is also known as “The Egg” due to its shape. It has two great theater that are well organized. One of its theater is Kitty Carlisle Hart Theater which is on the name of a famous American stage actress Catherine Conn. This theater has a large seating arrangements including 982 seats that are quite enough for the people there. Many tourists come and enjoy this theater performing arts. The other theater is named as “Lewis A. Swyer Theatre” also known as Swyer Theater at the Egg. This theater has 450 seats that are quite comfortable and highlighted. People from the US or abroad use to come here and have fun with its amazing traditional look and arts. Chamber Music concerts and lectures are quite worth watching. Spending time in Egg performing Arts Center and visiting it probably one of the best things to do in Albany, NY due to its ambiance.

New York State Museum

New York State Museum in Albany was found in 1863 which is a research-based Museum and one of the finest art museums in New York State. People confuse the New York State Museum with the New York State Military Museum but in fact, they both are separate entities. This museum previously located in State Education Building then moved to the Cultural Education Center. Tourists and the people enjoy the tremendous ambiance of this museum as it has many galleries and lectures that glimpse the historical information. People also love to spend time here to read research on different niche including education and youth etc. New York State Museum has many geographical and historical models. New York state museum events include World Trade Center Gallery tour and is planned to happen on September 11, 2020. 10 AM online. When people find a lot of historical models, fossils, gems, anthological research, millions of scientific specimen’s farm tools, and many exciting items, they love to spend time with these things. These remarkable and historical research collections have made this place a great venue for history lovers and they spend a lot of time here in reading different research. Hence, tripping New York State Museum is one of the best free things to do in Albany. New York State Museum hours are 9:30 AM – 5 PM from Wednesday to Saturday and Monday, Tuesday remains closed.

Crossgates Mall

Crossgates Mall is one of the best malls in Albany which is quite popular due to its attractions and places for different activities. Crossgates Mall Albany opened in 1984 and become famous in a small passage of time. If we talk about its Shops, attractions, facilities they are countless. This mall has more than 150 shops and has more than 1500 in house plants and species. Crossgates Mall stores include popular brands i-e 110 grills, 5 Wits, A Sneaker City, AAO, and more that you would love to visit and buy different stuff. Visitors love to visit and spend quality time here with family or alone. If we talk about Crossgates Mall movies feature Regal Crossgates & IMAX is a famous theater complex which has quite affordable tickets. Crossgates Mall activities include “Get Air” in which people trampoline wall to wall, play dodge ball, take a Ninja warrior course and do much more fun. 5 wits is a famous escape room game in a Crossgates mall that has Deep space, Tomb, and Dragon’s castle. Crossgates mall countless shops, remarkable facilities, amazing activities that can be done make this mall highlighted in the list of best things to do in Albany, NY. Crossgates Mall hours remain the same whole week from 11 AM to 6 PM.

Palace Theatre

Palace Theatre in Albany is a famous theater in all over the US. The Palace Theatre was designed by John Eberson who was the most popular architect of one time. Palace Theatre Albany events include Cody Jinks, Masterchef Junior Live, Straight No Chasers “The open bar tour” and many others. Palace Theatre is a great place for fun and as people watch movies and shows here, they love to be there. As you know people don’t get bored off in the theater when especially these kinds of attractive plays and movies come on. Palace Theatre Albany is a family-friendly theater which has a great ambiance for everyone if you are with kids, it’s a great place for them. There are several new cartoons that come up on the screen including Frozen, Lilo and Stitch, Harry Potter, and more. If you are looking for a family-friendly place to visit then Palace Theatre is one of them. This makes visiting Palace Theatre one of the best things to do in Albany.

Times Union Center

Times Union Center Albany is located at 51 South Pearl Street in New York. Times Union Center is an indoor arena that has a seating arrangement of more than 10000 people in the house. A large amount of sports activities happen here that include Ice Hockey, College Sports, High School Sports, and some WWE events also take place here. Those who take interest in different sports and physical activities use to come here and enjoy watching and playing sports here and apart from sports, Times Union Center events are quite popular all over New York. Some Times Union Center upcoming events include Albany Auto Show, Dude perfect 2021, An Evening with Michael Buble, The Scoopski Potatoes Tour, and more. Times Union Center is a great place for different things to do in Albany, NYC.

This concludes the list of best things to do in Albany, NYC that you would love to consider. There are some other free things to do in Albany that we will discuss later. When you get tired of doing different things in Albany you feel hungry then we got a list of the best burgers in Albany where you can have a proper meal. If you are not looking for other eateries apart from the meal, you can a list of the best cheesecakes in Albany that are popular in the city.

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