Tipping in the USA

Tipping is a common tradition practiced in the United States. In restaurants providing conventional table service, a fee of 15–20 percent of the customer’s payment sum (before tax) is common when good to excellent service is offered. Higher tips can be given for excellent service and lower tips for mediocre service. No tip may be given in the case of poor or rude service. You can also complain to the manager if the service was poor. Or otherwise, you can leave 10% to which shows that the service was poor. 

Where do you usually leave tips?

In general, tips are also given for services offered at golf courses, casinos, hotels, spas, lounges and concierge services, food delivery, and taxis. According to some research, only a few restaurants in the United States have implemented a no-tip model. These charges are always voluntary so it is not necessary for you to always pay a tip to your waiter. However, your small amount of tips may help these workers with their expenses. To pay a tip if you are more than five people on a table is mandatory in the USA.

How much should you tip normally?

You can usually leave a tip from 15% to 25% of your total bill. However, if you are having dinner at a five-star restaurant it would be costly for you to pay 25% of your total bill. Hence you can leave 20% tips in five-star restaurants.

Should you pay a tip to taxi drivers, hairdresser and at the bar?

You can also leave a tip to your taxi driver if he helped you with your bags and take you from a good routine. A 20% trip to your total bill is fine enough. If you want to tip your hairdresser 20 percent, you can leave a couple of dollars to the person who provided you the services. For the bars, you can get a free drink if you keep your tip on the first few drinks flowing.

Is it okay to pay tip at the restaurants with self-serving?

At places like MC Donald’s or Dunkin Donuts where you have to self-serve and order your food from the counter you do not need to leave any tip. It is more a personal choice and habit than a set condition. There are those people, of course, who still tip out of kindness or politeness but most don’t. So you should not feel obligated to tip at a self-service restaurant.

Tipping to Travel guide in USA

It is also very common in the USA to pay tips to travel guides. If you’re in the U.S. and you’re going on a guided tour of celebrities’ homes, historic places, etc. and you think the guide has been doing a good job, give him / her $US5 or $US10. If you think the porter who took your bags to the hotel room or other spots deserves a tip then don’t shy away. Pay him a tip US $1 per bag.

Why do people pay tip at different places?

Although tipping is not mandatory it is a nice gesture to show that you are happy with the services of the waiter who served you and the restaurant. Hence giving away a few dollars in tip won’t hurt anyone. So always pay a tip to waiters, hairdressers, bartenders, taxi drivers, or anyone who has served you nicely.

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