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The capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam, has climbed three positions this year to hit 24th position in the world rankings, after having a significant 20-point rise in the student mix indicator. The capital is also ranked as the 5th best city in the world according to the student view indicator due to its vibrant student community, quality education, and an overall good rating from the graduate students. If you’re planning to explore the city, attending one of Amsterdam’s festivals, visiting a museum, or anything you’d like to discover to bring some twists to your experience, Amsterdam has a lot to offer every student. Although the cost of living in Amsterdam is not cheap as compared to the other cities but the high cost of living suits the place as it has some of the best tourist destinations and is home to some of the best universities with an excellent ranking globally. 

So, if you are looking for the top 10 colleges and best universities in Amsterdam, we have listed it down for you.

The Protestant Theological University (PThU)

The Protestant Theological University (PThU), located in Amsterdam and Groningen, is one of the best universities in Amsterdam for a theology rooted in a theological view on life. The University of Protestant Theology has longstanding expertise in ministry education. The PThU gives both congregational and pastoral care ministers official ministry curriculum, acknowledged by the Protestant Church in the Netherlands. It also provides ministers and clerical staff post-academic education. The university is accredited by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization. The university offers a master’s in Theology and a Ph.D. program for a minimum of four years. The university also has a research division that is split into two sections. The first group is labeled as’moving identities,’ and the second group is ‘Mediating good life.’ The branch of ‘moving identities’ reflects on the impact of global systems on individuals and cultures shaping identification. The ‘Meditating good life’ group, however, focuses on the question: What is a ‘healthy life’? The Protestant Theological University offers a limited number of (partial) scholarships each year. Candidates qualifying for the scholarship are chosen using the requirements that apply 

  • Admission to the PThU ‘s International Master of Theology program
  • Age: the applicants should be under 35 years of age preferably.
  • Academic Performance
  • Motivation

Address: De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contact: +31 88 337 1864

KIT (Royal Tropical Institute)  

The Royal Tropical Institute, (KIT) is an institution of applied knowledge-based in Amsterdam. The KIT campus in Amsterdam houses a teaching center for students and practitioners. It is an independent center of knowledge and research for sustainable growth. KIT also hosts an education center for master’s degrees and advanced health professionals’ courses targeted at improving health services worldwide. 

The courses are being delivered in collaboration with Amsterdam’s Vrije Universiteit. The KIT also provides a Scholarship Program that was created to help low-income health workers to obtain a Master’s degree in Public Health at KIT.

The institute offers a master’s degree in fields of education including a Master in International Health (MIH), Master of Public Health/International Course in Health Development; Health Systems Policy and Management track, and Master of Public Health: track in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. It also offers short courses including Netherlands Course on Global Health and Tropical Medicine (NTC), Qualitative Methods in Health Systems Research (HSR) and Human Resources for Health (HRH), and several other short courses which are from 2 to 14 weeks long.

Address: Mauritskade 63, 1092 AD Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contact: +31 20 568 8711

European Leadership University

The European Leadership University (ELU) is known as offering high-quality, accessible education aimed at cultivating young talent within the country. Along with its technologically driven blended learning approach to online & classroom structured education, ELU targets a broad range of domestic & international talent while staying competitively priced to ensure students of all backgrounds are welcome.

ELU is at the leading edge of the education sector, setting expectations for the future of education in the country and helping shape its development across various creative and technical platforms. The university offers a master’s in data science and a bachelor’s in software engineering online.

Address: Science Park 408, 1098 XH Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contact: +31 20 369 0835

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is one of the best universities in Amsterdam which was established in 1880 and was classified by four global ranking tables among the world’s top 150 universities. The university is located on a small urban campus in Amsterdam’s southern Buitenveldert area and next to the new commercial district of Zuidas.

In the past year 2014, the VU reported 23,656 students registered by the university mostly full time. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam offers hundreds of English courses at both the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels, ranging from arts & culture and social sciences, psychology, and computer science, to economics and business management. In order to broaden the research process, the university also provides minor courses to its students. The university also has research departments including the Amsterdam Institute of Molecules, Medicines, and Systems which contains 17 research groups at VU in the fields of biomedical sciences, biological sciences, computational life sciences, and genetic sciences. Moreover, the university employees one of the top-notch faculty for all the programs they offer.

Address: De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contact: +31 20 598 9898

Amsterdam University of the Arts – Academy of Architecture

The Amsterdam Academy of Architecture is one of the best universities in Amsterdam and the first educational institution incorporating the three architectural fields of architecture, urban planning, and landscape architecture of the Netherlands. The unique combination places the Academy in an exceptional position, both domestically and globally. The Academy retains strong contact with the region’s professional community, with public agencies, commissioning groups, and developers.

The Academy has close ties with similar overseas degree programs. Students from all parts of the world study at the Academy and international lecturers and speakers pay regular visits to the campus and often engage in overseas excursions and programs. The Academy aims to provide an inclusive atmosphere with a small-scale, high-quality learning experience with a focus on the tutors and students deciding their roles. 

The university offers different programs including a bachelor’s and masters in Cinematography, Classical music, Cultural Heritage, Design & Technology, Editing, Fine Art in Education, mime, and much more which you can find out on the official website of the university. 

Address: 211-213, Waterlooplein, 1011 PG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contact: +31 20 531 8218

Tio University of Applied Sciences

Tio Applied Sciences University is a private organization, established in the 1960s by the business community. It stands for intensive, small-scale, high-quality schooling, and for many years has enjoyed an outstanding reputation as a renowned educational institution.

Tio provides recognized daytime courses in the fields of business administration, event management, hotel industry, and tourism at the HBO (Higher Education) and Mbo (Intermediate Vocational) levels which makes it one of the best universities in Amsterdam. Adding to this, Tio has a program of honors for outstanding students who want to excel in further education. The university also offers an accelerated study where a bachelor’s degree in just three to four years and a one- or two-year technical training program. So, you get your degree earlier, and you can begin your career sooner or you can continue to study for a Master’s degree.

Address: Tempelhofstraat 5, 1043 EA Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contact: +31 30 799 9000

United International Business Schools

United International Business Schools (UIBS) is an independent private educational institution in Europe and Asia, with campuses. UIBS provides, in collaboration with its university partners, versatile business and management education at the Undergraduate (Bachelor / BBA) and (Post) Graduate (Master / MBA and Doctor / DBA) levels leading to private (programmatically accredited) degrees, and American regional and European State-recognized degrees. 

Due to the flexible course design and curriculum structure, students can select between multiple starting dates in the autumn, winter, spring, and summer of each academic year allowing for efficient preparation of further education. The university follows limited class sizes of up to 30 students allow teachers to use interactive teaching techniques while increasing classroom engagement, improving group cohesion, and creating long-lasting relationships between students. For further information, you can visit the official website of the university.

Address: Weteringschans 28, 1017 SG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contact: +31 20 521 9423

Amsterdam Institute of Technology

Amsterdam Institute of Technology helps the IT experts keep ahead in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The university offers flexible, online programs that allow the student to work and study simultaneously. 

With AiT, learners enter career learning services that protect them from losing jobs in the future because of insufficient or lack of technical skills. The online part-time curriculum makes education affordable and allows learners to expand their regional and career mobility. Professionals from all over the world can receive the Masters without interrupting their professional practices.

After successful y finishing their course, the university awards its students degree. The programs are offered in collaboration with the European Leadership Institute, and the degrees are provided by the university of European Leadership.

Address: Science Park 408, 1098 XH Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contact: +31 20 369 0835

International Management Forum Academy

IMF Academy is part of the International Management Forum (IMF), an independent publisher and training organization that focuses on business knowledge for senior managers and decision-makers in large and medium-sized organizations. It employs some of the best teachers highly skilled in their fields. The content of the courses for every program is developed in close cooperation with recognized subject-matter experts working in large international consultative organizations.

Trainers of the academy are linked from organizations such as AIIM, Antwerp Management School, Atos Consulting, Capgemini, Centric, CGI Group, Conquaestor, Deloitte, Duthler Associates, Executive Mobility Group, G31000, IBM Business Consulting Services, Insite Security, Inter Access, KPMG, Microsoft, PwC, SABSA Institute, Sogeti, TIAS School for Business and Society, Transfer Pricing Associates (TPA), various uni. The Academy also offers short courses in Business and Management, Computer science and Engineering and Technology. It also offers scholarship programs for its national and international students.

Address: Fellenoord 224, 5611 ZC Eindhoven, Netherlands

Contact: +31 40 246 0220

Amsterdam Fashion Academy

The Amsterdam Fashion Academy is an international private boutique academy providing textile design fashion and fashion business university with a Bachelor of Honors degree and a one-year Fashion Foundation course. The degrees offered by the university are in line with the standards of the UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). 

With a highly qualified and experienced team, the fashion academy offers a unique learning experience in the international environment. The small-scale, personal, student-centered learning in a supportive environment that guarantees that every individual student is seen as one, an individual with his or her own individual needs, thinking, interests and talents that can be nurtured and made sure that each of them receives the assistance and support they need to develop their talents to its fullest in the academy. 

The teaching team at the academy is a group of enthusiastic and dedicated teachers with experienced international lecturers and includes a broad variety of subjects such as idea generation, design development, illustration, fashion forecasting, pattern cutting, and construction, knitwear, millwork, written and verbal communication and critical analysis. For further details regarding the application procedure, you can visit the official website of the academy.

Address: Oosteinde 1, 1017 WT Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contact: +31 20 489 6692

These are all the colleges and universities where you can complete your higher education at Amsterdam in various fields at scholarships under the supervision of highly skilled teachers.

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