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The University of Florida is a global public research, success-driven, and high-impact university. Located in the center of Tampa Bay, it is the fourth-largest university in Florida as compared to other colleges and universities in Florida.

Since 1956 when it was founded, it has grown to serve students from 141 countries. Around 42% of the enrolled students are African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Native Hawaiian, and other multiracial.

The University of South Florida is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

In 2018-2019, USF, the University of South Florida, enrolled around 55, 755 students.

With a variety of student activities, the University of Florida campus is warm and friendly to every student. The university has so much in it besides studies. The USF Lakeland, USF Oasis,

University of South Florida Highlights

The University of South Florida is known for its health professions & related health programs, business & management, marketing & support services, social sciences, biological & biomedical, and engineering programs.

Some people also refer it to South University Tampa or South University Florida as well.

A bull horn.

The University of South Florida logo is the sketch of a head of a bull with his horns.

It’s good to go there.

As compared to other colleges and universities in South Florida, the University of South Florida is a good school. It delivers the right value against your money invested for your degree there. Being at number 20 amongst the list of low fee universities, it strives to drive maximum student’s success rate.

The last entry score for the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine had a 515 MCAT score, placing it above all other medical schools in America.

Average GPA requirement

You need around 3.8/4.0 GPA to get into the University of South Florida’s primarily A- students list. USF has the #5 rank in having the highest average GPA in Florida.

It’s hard to get admission.

It is now harder to get into USF Florida because of its unified and preeminent policy to keep driving success to its students. The USF system facts reported that: USF has now a higher entry GPA requirement with average 4.13 high school GPA and around 1286 SAT scores.

USF typical test scores 2017–18: SAT Reading and Writing: 580–650; SAT Math: 570–660; ACT Composite: 24–29

As per the 2020 stats, the University of South Florida acceptance rate is 45% on average.

Sorry, no parties inside.

USF is not a party school. The University of South Florida does have its stadium but, not party areas like many other universities. Students normally go out of college in their towns for parties.

The safety risk is all there.

USF Tampa campus is ranked as one of the least safe colleges in Tampa bay. This was shared by the National Council for Home Safety based on legal enforcements, crime reports, and other suspective activities in this area.

USF Florida Graduation rate is 75% on average.

Shifts Completed
within 6 years
within 8 years
First-time full-time 72% 75%
Other full-time 77% 79%
First-time part-time 52% 52%
Other part-time 61% 64%

USF Address, Contact, & Location

The University of South Florida’s location is the heart of Tampa Bay in Florida.

The address of the University of South Florida is 4202 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33620, United States. The USF Florida phone number is +1 813-974-2011 and official email is

You can submit a ticket to the USF Florida support staff as well.

If you’re already USF student, then you can use the University of Florida online portal for its students, named MyUSF. You must have your MyUSF NetID to log in it.

USF 2019-2020 Year Statistics & Rankings

According to 2019-2020 USF System Facts and USF performance reports, the university has a great performance and growing profile.

In U.S & World Report for university rankings, the University of South Florida has ranked #44 among fastest-rising public universities in America. This ranking shows 14 numbers increase in its rankings as compared to last year rankings.

The Tampa campus of USF has classified into Doctoral Universities being highly active in research activities. The USF Saint Petersberg campus is categorized into Master’s Colleges & Universities having medium level programs for masters. On the other hand, the 3rd campus of USF, USF Sarasota-Manatee campus has been classified into Master’s Colleges & Universities with small level programs.

USF Florida Freshman Profile 2019-2020

The USF 2019-2020 enrollment statistics are as follows:-

  1. The USF enrolled 51,616 students in total out of which there were 37,350 undergraduates, 11,358 graduates, 719 doctor of medicine, and 2219 non-degree seeking candidates.
  2. Among 37,350 enrolled undergraduates in USF 2019-2020, 56.2% are female & 43.8% are male and out of total 76.9% are full-time while 23.1% are part-time.
  3. Among 11,358 enrolled graduates in USF 2019-2020, 59.5% are female & 40.3% are male while 0.1% are unreported. Out of total graduates, 59.3% are full-time and 40.7% are part-time.
  4. From 719 enrolled doctor of medicines in USF 2019-2020, 47.6% are female, 51.5% are male, and 1.0% are not reported. All of them are full-time.
  5. From 2219 enrolled non-degree seeking candidates in USF 2019-2020, 59.6% are female, 40.2% are male, and 0.2% are not reported; 24.6% of them are full-time while 75.4% are part-time.

University of South Florida Cost Factor

As per 2020 statistics, it costs around $11,700 USD annually after aid for in-state residents to go to USF for a 4 years program. Without aid, for in-state residents, it costs somewhere around $23,320 USD annually.

USF In-state cost by household income

Household income Average cost after aid
Less than $30,000 $7,399
$30,001–48,000 $9,338
$48,001–75,000 $12,545
$75,001–110,000 $16,428
More than $110,001 $17,333

University of South Florida Colleges

With active enrollments and research work, USF Florida has colleges for undergraduate & graduate programs, and other certifications & courses. Here is the full list of colleges in USF Florida: –

  1. College of Arts and Sciences
  2. College of Behavioral and Community Sciences
  3. Muma College of Business
  4. College of Education
  5. College of Engineering
  6. College of Nursing
  7. College of Public Health
  8. College of The Arts
  9. Judy Genshaft Honors College
  10. ROTC Programs
  11. Undergraduate Studies
  12. College of Arts and Sciences: School of Humanities
  13. College of Arts and Sciences: School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  14. College of Arts and Sciences: School of Social Sciences
  15. Patel College of Global Sustainability
  16. College of Graduate Studies
  17. College of Marine Science
  18. Morsani College of Medicine
  19. Taneja College of Pharmacy
  20. College of Public Health

University of South Florida Degrees

University of South Florida degree programs are well-recognized and stand out especially for medical programs. The University of South Florida medical programs are at the top in rankings having great research activities.

The University of South Florida online degrees are worth mentioning here. USF university offers 81 fully online graduate programs while 18 partially online graduate programs.

In total, the University of Florida masters programs are highly accepted in America. USF offers around 113 master’s degree programs.

Offering several other online degrees, the University of Florida online MBA program is famous among its business school and related marketing programs. For regular students, the University of Florida MBA program has more concentrations or specializations to choose from.

Nursing programs in South Florida are undertaken by USF College of nursing which holds a good reputation. Delivering practical nursing education and job practice is the foremost goal of its faculty. Accelerated nursing programs in South Florida are rising and among them, USF has played a challenging role. It has high-impact medical centers and activity labs.

Another well-known program offered by USF is its offline and USF online MPH program with a result-driven program outline available at its official website.

USF South Florida Campuses

Getting admission in USF Florida

The admission process of USF is made easy. Go to the USF admission website, select the student or enrollment type i-e: freshman, graduate, undergraduate, international, or even corporate.

Before applying, you can schedule the University of Florida virtual tour to get an idea of its environment, campus look, facilities, and overall culture.

Select the USF campus which is near to you or you want to get into.

Fill out the form and share all the required documents especially the high school result and sat score for undergraduates, MCAT for graduates, and masters program score for Ph.D. or other doctoral programs.

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