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Liability Limitations

In any case, any cause, for any rationale, ‘’ or ‘Explore it Daily’ website’s content writers, editors, or anyone from the staff, owner, founder, partner, managers, directors, employees, associated partners, associated business groups, suppliers, service providers, consultants, private or public agencies, and/or any person directly or indirectly associated with it are liable to anyone/you for any direct, indirect, specific, exemplary, incidental, accidental, unexpected/expected, or consequential issues, damages, loss, service interruptions, decline, or any unwanted/wanted results generated automatically, by applications or implications, or by results generated from:-

  • content errors, omissions, exceptions, inaccuracies, author thoughts or expressions, or mistakes
  • any kind/type/nature of personal or private loss, injury, asset or property loss generated or resulted by using, accessing, browsing, utilizing, or reading our website’s content, socially shared or published content or by interacting with its website/app/social channels
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  • any illegal, unauthorized, unwanted access to our research, production, publication, and sharing website, app, social channels, servers, data centers and/or any and all the legal, authorized, direct or indirect authorized access to the personal, private, financial, or any form of data stored on any of our storage medium
  • any vulnerabilities, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, web shells, app destruction modules, phishing pages, errors or bugs, or similar or any, that may be unintentionally or intentionally for tests present or transmitted to or from our website, server, data centers, social channels/pages/profiles, associated storage mediums or contact mediums, apps or by 3rd party service provision or content provision apps or tools, and/or any
  • any exceptions, errors, issues, bugs, or omissions in any type/kind/nature of content or for any direct/indirect, incidental/accidental, intentional/unintentional loss/damage/destruction/unwanted results incurred/generated as a result of your/anyone use of any content researched, produced, published, emailed, shared, distributed, subscribed, requested, submitted, transmitted, or otherwise made available publicly/privately via our website, app, social channels, or contact mediums, whether based on license, warranty, subscription, contract, legal agreement, tort, or any other legal document reference or theory, and whether or not the company/magazine/website/app/social channels are advised of the possibility of such losses/damages/unexpected/unwanted results

The just mentioned, aforementioned, or stated limitation/terms of liability shall apply to the fullest extent advised/permitted by legal regulations/law in the applicable/legally justified jurisdiction.

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